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Samsung 51-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)

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'Perfect device'


- It's the perfect device and appropriate for everyone who loves to see favorite programs and watch the games on high quality and increase it can be used by everyone, without exception, and it's simple to control Add all this Baltman it was appropriate for a proper functioning of the technical quality It : Samsung 51 in. 3D Plasma TV



Great TV- love it and was also very affordable


The picture is great on this TV very crisp and clear we love the size. Picture Quality the picture quailty is very good no complaints at all. Sound Quality very good sound quality on this TV we are very happy with the audio on this TV. Durability As far as durablity goes we have had the TV now for 3 months so it is difficult to gauge this factor, but we have had very good luck with Samsung brands in the past and hopefully this will be the case with the TV. Design We like the design a lot on this TV we like especially that is doesn't have a wide frame around the actual TV but instead and thin frame which maximizes the TV picture size. We like the design a lot on this model, one of the reason we choose this particular TV. Performance Excellent performance would definitely recommend this TV to anyone. We hope to have it for a long time. We still had our old box 25 inch TV before this purchase and didn't know what we were missing until this purchase. We really enjoy renting or streaming movies on this large screen, make the experiences much more enjoyable.



Good value!


I received this plasma tv as a gift from an uncle of mine and I must say it's a fairly decent plasma display. There are a good number of settings to calibrate the picture to your liking and I saw that HD content does look decent. Setting up the TV was an easy process but the time it took to search for channels is a bit excessive. SD content is viewable but it could be better. I have yet to try 3D with this TV so I cannot comment on that. I am a definite sports fan and this TV is capable of keeping up with the fast action. Picture Quality HD content looks great but SD content is hardly viewable. Sound Quality The sound quality is by all means better than from most HDTVs I've heard but what is there to expect with flat-panel TV speakers? Durability The TV build mostly consists of high quality plastic that I believe can last without abuse. Design The aesthetics are dull in my opinion but they do not bother me in any way. Performance The TV's display performance is great for a 720p TV. The colors look great but being a 720p display does bottleneck it sometimes in massively detailed movies.

San Diego, CA


Samsung 51-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (Black) (2012 Model)

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