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Samsung 51" Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV - PN51F5300AFXZA


Samsung Class 51" Plasma HDTV 1080p Brings TV and Movies to Life

Experience your favorite TV shows and movies in lifelike HDTV with this Samsung 51-inch Class 1080p 600hz Plasma HDTV - PN51F5300 model from Sears. You get a picture with realistic detail, crisp images, enhanced color and Dolby Digital premium sound quality and so many other amazing features and benefits-it's like bringing the theatre into your home. The 51-inch model is sized just right for so many rooms of your home, including the living room, family room, master bedroom or that garage man-cave.

A truly modern TV, this Samsung Class 51" Plasma HDTV 1080p puts your mom's TV to shame. It's fully equipped to share and stream videos, play music and view photo slideshows, offering the full gamut of connections along with Samsung's exclusive ConnectShare Movie technology.

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Best on the market


I bought this for my husband as a birthday present and we love it. It was a surprise so i had to figure out how to set it up on my own which was pretty easy. It is a perfect size with amazing quality. With Al Samsung products it is very reliable. I would purchase again. We have had it about a year now and it is awesome to watch movies on it, play wii or even surf the web. We have had no issues with the device thus far. The controls ate very easy to understand and hooking up game devices is easy as well. I like that I can swap back and forth from game to TV. Netflix runs smoothly on it. Sometimes I hook my laptop up to it for better viewing and it works just fine. I am now a loyal Samsung user. It even has a sleep feature incase your kids stay up late and fall asleep in the middle of walking dead. Great on electricity use. This almost beats going to the movies with its sound quality. I recommend this product to all my friends and family members. I look forward to see what else Samsung has instored.

Ambler, PA


Pictures stayed on my tv.


I really liked this tv in the beginning, it worked great and it was an extra tv that we picked up for my daughters room so that they could watch movies. Well, one night they watched a movie and when it was done it went back to the main title screen and stayed there all night. I woke up in the morning and went to check on them and turned it off, the screen felt super hot so I just figured it was because it was on for so long and no harm. I left it off and when I turned it back on later that night for them I realized that the movie title screen had been burned into the screen, it wont ever go away now and is permanently there and makes it so hard to watch anything else. I called Samsung and I guess this can happen and is a more common problem with plasma tvs, I definitely wont ever be buying Plasma again and will only go with an LED or LCD from now on. Durability It is not durable, it is something that could have major problems and these are not problems that I want to deal with when I am having to spend a lot of money on a tv.



Great picture TV that is inexpensive


This TV is a great value by its picture and it's price. The HDTV really shows through nicely and the sound quality is great. I was very hesitant on purchasing a plasma TV as I have heard horrible things about them. I've heard the overtime the picture will start to fade in a start to get dark spots in different places of the TV. I have now on this TV for a little over four months and I've had no problems. It's great for gaming when my son decides to get on his Xbox and play all of the exciting new games that come out. Picture Quality The picture quality is excellent. During any TV show the people actually look real and the Blu-ray DVDs look amazing. It is like I'm actually at the theater. The picture is even gray in full sunlight, I have had no problems with any kind of glare. Sound Quality I love the sound quality and that the speakers are built into the TV. It makes it to where I don't even feel like I need surroundsound. Durability Have had this TV for a few months now and I've had no issues.



Spectacular TV!


I picked up the Samsung 1080p Plasma HDTV last year and it is my favorite television for watching sports. This television's picture looked good right out of the box and even better once I calibrated it. The images on the screen are so clear and crisp at times I think I'm looking through a window. There isn't any image blurring when I'm watching sports. The athletes move extremely smooth, especially at high speeds and there isn't any ghosting effect. The colors are extremely accurate and most importantly the blacks are deep. This television does the best job of any television I've ever owned at portraying black without it looking grey and blotchy. The only downside to this Samsung is that it is heavy. This television weighs a little over 40 pounds, which isn't a lot, but I find that the base/stand provided for it flexes some under its weight. It's not a big deal, but I would recommend a wall mount for this unit. I would definitely recommend the Samsung 1080p Plasma HDTV PN51F5300 because it is the perfect viewing experience.

Westchester, IL


Samsung 51" Class 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV - PN51F5300AFXZA

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