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Samsung 50 in. LCD TV

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i think that great it




very very good






I would buy this product again and again" "Too much whiz and


This is the best television I've owned and i definitely recommend it. I like the size and quality and it really makes it a great experience to relax and watch my favorite television shows and movies.




Great Size and Quality


Just upgraded to this television and really love it for the great picture and sound quality. I use it to watch my favorite television shows and movies and it provides a really great experience. It was easy to setup and easy to use. Picture Quality The picture quality is clear and crisp and perfect for watching my favorite shows and sports and I can see every detail. The picture is always clear and makes movie watching fun. Sound Quality This television has really great sound and it makes you feel like you are present in your favorite movies. Durability This television is easy to set up and really durable. I set this up in my living room so it gets used a lot and it is perfect for every home. Design I really love the size of the screen because it is perfect for everyone and not too overwhelming. It is great for television shows, sports and movies and fits perfectly in my living room. Performance This is the best television I've owned and i definitely recommend it. I like the size and quality and it really makes it a great experience to relax and watch my favorite television shows and movies.


Las Vegas, NV


Great TV


We purchased this television right before the NCAA national championship game 2013. We actually have all Samsung televisions for our household now. I love the quality and picture with the television. The sound from the television is fine, but we recently added a soundbar to amplify the sound better for our living room. This television is easy to use and we have had no problems whatsoever with it. I love the flat screen and that it is so much lighter than the old tube televisions. Also, we got it a great price. I would recommend this television to anyone who wants a good quality television and not break the bank. We purchased it in January, so we probably got a good price break buy choosing to buy at that time. My family watches hours of television everyday and we have not had one issue with the television in the time that we have had it. The only drawback I can say is that there aren't enough imports for the various devices we would like to connect through the television. That is easily remedied, but I would like to have more ports for that sort of thing.




Great viewing and picture quality


I just got this tv hooked up tonight. I watched a few shows on it. The picture has great clarity. I enjoyed the programs I watched on it very much. It is like watching some movie in 3D. Sound Quality The sound quality is very good. It sounds like you are in the movie with the characters. Design I really like the design. You can see it anywhere in the roo .


Burleson, TX


Samsung HD Flat screen TV is great!


We got our 50" Samsung Flat Screen TV the beginning of 2010. It has the best picture of any TV we ever had. The colors are wonderful! The remote control is very easy to use despite the tons of settings/functions it can do. Plus, the TV looks very sleek hanging on the wall. The only negative that I noticed---it generates a lot of heat/warmth. As for price, you get what you pay for...this was definitely worth the expense.


Sebring, FL


fun to watch and easy to use


  I absolutely love our samsung flatscreen television.  It has been one of the best purchasing that we made.  A little bulky, but it's totally worth it.  We had a hard time finding a table that it fit good on, but we finally found one and are really happy with it.  It was our third choice but it works well and matches the television great.  I have three kids and they love it.  We watch alot of movies on it and it looks and sounds great.  It was priced about right.  I would definatley recommend this samsung flat screen telelvision.  Before we got this one about two years ago we had an old console television that was going out.  This was a big purchase but a worthwhile one.  It has been great.  I only dust it with a dry rag every once in a while and it's great.  Low maintenance.  I highly recommend you go look at these telelvisions.  Easy to hook up and a great addition to the whole family.  We got the black color to match our home decor.


Fair Oaks, CA


The color of the Samsung pictures are perfect.


The 50" Samsung TV is great. Great picture quality, Easy to operate,looks the same up close as well as across the room, easy to hang on the wall.I hicked up this tv in about 5 minutes once it was on the wall. MY OLD TV TOOK ME SEVERSL HOURS TO GET EVERTHING PLUGGED IN AND LABLED. I'm still amased at the quality of the picture. It looks great from the sides, the front and even going up and looke at a clear ppicture.


Cartersville, GA


buy it now quick


This tv has all the sockets for everything it seems they thought of you the consumer. Wall mount or stand its up to you. If you wall mout it use a service to do so  to hide all the wires for a clean set up.Also plan for the future with these wires too. Do not be cheap with the HdMI cable get the very best you got the very best tv did you not. Get a nice cleaner as the set will need wiping all the time the dust comes from nowhere. The unit throws off heat.The sound is great and can be adjusted. They thought of everytrhing on the remote! Enjoy your set you got a good one.


Asbury Park, NJ


Samsung 50 in. LCD TV

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