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Samsung 46 in. LCD TV LN

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Good product, not excellent


I bought this TV a while ago and while the picture is very good for 60hz, SD television shows are not all that great.  I have watched many shows in standard definition because I cannot afford all high definition channels (now I dont have any :( ) but it is still a very good buy if you are in the market for a cheap, affordable, and sturdy tv.  I have yet to have any issues with it and I think that is because Samsung generally takes good care of their products and if you have an issue their technical support is excelllent.  The 1080p is nice, but if the tv is under 50'' you usually do not need 1080p.  720p is beautiful as well.  I have watched blu ray movies and they do look very good.  The lighting is bright and the sound of the tv makes the movies good to watch. I do not have a stereo sound system to go along with the tv, but the sound has done me just fine thus far. All in all, it is a good tv, but currently I think there are better tv's in the market for this price.

Chestnut Hill, MA


Super TV!


Great TV for any occasion!  I am not a big fan of the TVs with 120 Hz and 240 HZ.  They make me literally sick for some reason.  This TV was priced very well and the picture quality is unbeatable.  I am happy with all the funtions and the HDMI ports, which are convientienly located.  One characteristic I would like to see in the upcoming models would be the ability to play video files directly off the computer or external harddrive.  I would also like to see an ethernet cable or wifi connection so streaming webistes like hulu or netflix would be viewable right on the TV.  This will all come with time.  I host many gatherings and everyone has raved on how great this TV looks.  The TV sound isn't robust enough, but surround sound will enhance this easy enough.  (I mean if you want a flat screen you can't expect to get alot of power from the speakers since they would have to be pretty small to fit in there). I reccomend this TV for anyone!

Carmel, NY


Outstanding TV


This Samsung 46 inch HDTV is outstanding. The color and clarity are just amazing you can see every detail. I can't believe how much detail I was missing from watching my old TV. The size of this TV is great, it is thin and doesn't take up to much space, you can also hang it on the wall. The stand is a nice black and it has a nice black trim. I just love this TV, the sound is great. Watching DVDS is the best it really lets the TV use all of its capability it's amazing what I have missed in movies that I have watched on DVDS before. I have had this TV for awhile now and am still fascinated  by it's ability's. Samsung put out a good product with this one, easy to set up, easy to use, connects to other devices very easy looks nice, sound is great. I have had no problems with this TV. I would recommend looking at this model if you are in the market for a new flat screen LCD TV. The price is very competitive with other like models.

Williams, OR


one of the best model at a very good price


i just purchased this model. some of the best specifications are present in this model.  it is priced very low when compared to the other good named brands like the sony and sharp.the quality is great and i am more than satisfied with my decision.

Orange Park, FL


Samsung 46 in. LCD TV LN

4.5 4