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Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

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This Samsung TV is an outstanding product in every category


This Samsung 46in LCD TV is by far one of the best TV's out today.  The picture quality on regular cable is fantastic.  The picture quality on digital and HD just cant be beat.  The white's and Black's are perfect as well as sharp.  This TV is bright and the contrast is unreal.  There is never any dead pixel's and the action movies are great cause there is no screan door effect.  The sound is excellent for the small speakers installed in the flat panel. All and all, you could not ask for a better produt for TV viewing.

Pittsburgh, PA


Like Watching Real Life in Action!


We bought our Samsung LN46A500T1F LCD Flat Screen TV in Dec 09. It was our first high definition TV. Watching this Samsung TV is like watching real life in action. The picture is so clear. I tell my family it is like seeing things with my glasses ON. That is how much clarity the TV offers. The vivid colors it shows are beyond amazing. When we were shopping for a TV we came THIS close to buying an off brand television, but then decided to spend the extra money on the Samsung LN46A500T1F. The 46 inch screen is a perfect size for our great room. I watch the TV whenever I am walking our treadmill and to do that I have to view the Samsung from a side angle. I get just as clear a picture viewing from a side angle as I do from  front angle. I've heard that side angle viewing on HDTV's  can distort the quality of the picture. Not so with this Samsung LN46A500T1F TV. I would recommend you buying this TV.  

El Paso, TX


Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

5.0 2