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Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

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A Good Decision


I bought this tv around November of 2009 and do not regret it for a minute. If you have ever seen a Samsung TV, you can probably guess how the bezel looks. It's mostly black with a "touch" of red. I was initially put off by this, but after purchasing the tv, I really hardly notice the red (I find it more noticeable on some of the newer models). The stand is fairly generic (newer models have a nicer looking glass like stand). Also included is a plastic plug you use to replace the stand (if you were hanging it on the wall, for example). The only inputs I've ever used on it are the HDMI inputs. Of which there are 3. It would be a lot nicer if there were four. If you are like me and have a cable box, HTPC, and blu-ray player, you will be stuck using the third HDMI port, which is "conveniently" located on the left side of the bezel (this might work well for the occassional use with a video camera of something, but does not look good for a permanaent setup. You will find many recommended setting online. The default ones work well too, so don't think you have to customize the TV just to get it to look good. Picture quality is fantastic. It does take some getting used to though. The TV does some image processing that produces some really life like effects (some people call it the soap opera affect), but this can be distracting for some people. Overall, an excellent buy.

Beverly Hills, CA


Samsung HDTV LCD TV is wonderful and awesome


I just love having this TV since I can see the picture so clear without wearing glasses. The style is so attactive that I don't mind that it takes up a lot more room than my last TV. I would say that if you want to try a bigger and better TV, I say give this one a try. Now that the price of these TV's have come way down, it's a good time to buy.

Kenosha, WI


Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

5.0 2