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Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

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Samsung 46" LCD- Outstanding picture and performance-


I'm a relatively savvy Home Theatre guy and took some time to explore all the options when figuring out my living room setup.I quickly zoned in on the Samsung LCDs both for the picture and the price. I think an absolute purist would probably prefer the picture of an Aquos or the Sony. But, for me, the Samsungs have a 'warmth' in picture that I prefer.Aesthetically, the piano black finish is fantastic. Nothing that'll jump out at you but a very nice accessory for a wall.And, when I was shopping, it was one of the better values (cheaper than the Sony, similar to the Sharp).As a quick note, I have my TV hooked up to my home stereo, so I couldn't speak to the relative quality of the speakers (didn't spend any time investigating that).Overall- if you're looking for a new full HD TV, this is a hard one to beat.

Chicago, IL


Great picture quality, looks, and features


I bought this TV for my living room and have been extremely happy with it. The picture quality is superb. This model of TV has a glossy surface (rather than matted), which makes colors and contrast better at the expense of possible glare. The glare may bother you if you can't strictly control the amount (and angle) of light that makes it into your TV room. Before I bought this TV I was concerned that the red "touch of color" would be tacky but it actually looks very good and I'm happy that I got this rather than something which was plain black. The on-screen display is also excellent and much more pleasent to deal with than other, cheaper brands like Hanspree. Other things to note: - Decent quality remote. It's no Harmony but it gets the job done. - Lots of connectivity, plenty of HDMI ports as well as DVI and VGA for your computer. Be careful about the optical digital output because it will downsample the output to 2 channels.

Seattle, WA


Samsung 46 in. LCD TV

5.0 2