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Samsung 46 in. 3D LCD TV

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Astonishing Quality


When it came to purchasing a new television, I really was not that impressed by what I saw. Many of the tvs did not look much better than the old tube versions but had huge price tags. That was until I discovered this Samsung. This set blows my mind every time I turn it on. The picture is unmatched by any other tv I have seen... ever. When friends and family come over they take one look at the super thin screen and snicker. They brag about how their tvs are 20 inches bigger and so forth. Then we turn on a movie. I cannot tell you how many jaws have hit the ground. What follows is buyers' remorse; our guests wish they had known about these Samsung 3D tvs before they coughed up some major cash. Let's just say that 65 inches of bad picture will never compare to 46 inches of near perfection. What I do want to note is that this television was part of a package that included a 3D blu-ray player and the glasses. I believe using the Samsung blu-ray player along with the tv enhances the television's performance. I have even put in some old flicks from the 1980's and they look amazing! Watching movies in 3D is cool but with this television, it is not necessary. Regular blu-rays look like they are popping off the screen into your living room. If you are trying to decide which television to buy, I would highly recommend including this Samsung in your final selection pool.


San Antonio, TX


Great Technology, but 3D is under used


I got this TV about 3 months ago, and since then i have enjoyed its beautiful design, and great picture. Straight out of the box i liked it because it is light and easy and intuitive to use and to set up. Plus the larger screen sizes allows everyone to clearly seen it. One thing that really stands out ot me is the picture quality. I feel like i am wcthing the show or movie in person, due to the refresh rate of this TV. This seems odd at first but once you have it lesser tvs make you depressed. The one downfall is the 3D honestly i have found little use for it, the one reason i did find use for it was with my ps3 and the newly released killzone 3. anygame is that much better in 3D, plus it can take a 2D show and make it 3D, which is great. Hopefully i will be able to impliment this technology more and more. Overall great product if your all willing to spend the cash, i promise it is worth it.


Avon, CT


bigger is not always better


I orginally bought a 55" sony LED LCD HDTV. I chose that size according to the recommendations all over the internet. However it gavae me a headache and I was not totally satisfied with the picture quality. I returned it for the Samsung 46" 8000 and it was the best decision I could have made. At a distance of 9', a perfect picture on a 46" screen is dynamite! The picture quality is superb. I also had to call samsung customer support and they were very helpful. I had my TV up and running with all the bells and whistles in no time...and I"m no gadget geek! You will not be disappointed with this TV it is a great investment to be enjoyed for a long time.


Los Altos, CA


Love this Samsung 3D TV!


My boyfriend begged me to get this television and after much thought, we decided it would be a good investment since we were relocating to the middle of nowhere for three years and would need some form of entertainment. This was a great choice! We use this television all day and night! It is amazing! Everyone who has come over ends up wanting the exact television and ends up calling and asking us about it! It is a dream! We love the brilliant colors and amazing picture quality! We also love how it makes visits to our house a big hit. Now when we go back to where we are from--AKA civilization--we actually wish we were in our new home because that is where this television is! It has truly made us snobs, but that's okay because like I said, everyone who has seen this television understands! We are excited that now movies that are released in the theater are being released on pay-per-view because we plan on having movie viewings at our home and just moving the seats a little bit closer (yeah, 46" is not the same as a movie theater screen, lol)! We love, love, love this television! It was a great investment!


Grundy, VA


Samsung 46 in. 3D HDTV is out of this world.. Like usual


This makes the 3rd Samsung TV I have purchased in last 5 years.One for my Dad and 2 for me.  Still have my 42 inch DLP and the new **Samsung UN46C8000  3D HDTV  **knocks it out of the park just like all Samsung products seem to be doing lately... Thansk to the clear and vivid picture quality I received on my firts Samsung TV, making a decision to go with Samsung was a no-brainer... Picture quality is outstanding and makes up for the volume control or quality which is a little rattly sounding on higher volumes.. Will be even greater when more 3d movies come out... Can't go wrong with this set.... You will absolutely love the picture...   Like I said...Out of this world...


Houston, TX


Samsung 46 in. 3D LCD TV

5.0 5