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Samsung 46" LED 1080p HDTV - UN46EH5000


Samsung 46-Inch HDTV Is Sharper, Clearer and Easier To Use

The Samsung 46-Inch Class 1080P 60HZ LED HDTV is HD as you've never seen it before. The realistic detail of full HD redefines sharp, while LCD clarity virtually eliminates distortion even during action movies and sports events. Enhanced color brings you vibrant, yet faithful, images. A special light sensor gauges conditions in the room and adjusts the screen to either bright daylight or dim evening shadows, optimizing viewing while also saving energy. Theater-quality sound completes the package.

Samsung 46-Inch HDTV also is ready for the 21st century. Its two HDMI connectors allow you to hook the TV to a digital cable box, DVD or Blu-ray player, computers or any portable device, letting you take advantage of an array of media services. Plus, a USB connection lets you enjoy media without using a computer or special device.

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Good value for the money - can't beat the overall value


you will NOT find a better television for the money in this price range! It beats all other brands hands down! Picture Quality It makes you feel like you are at the actual game, sitting in stands or behind home plate! Sound Quality It has theater quality sound. Design This TV is obviously made with the sports enthusiast in mind! Performance Hard to beat the overall quality of this television for the money

Groveland, MA


Worth every penny


Most of our TV's in the past have been hand me downs, or cheap televisions that we bought on sale. This was our first major television purchase, and it wasn't made without doing a lot of research first. For starters, this TV has an amazing picture. It's so crisp and clear, you get lost in what you're watching. The first movie we watched on the Samsung was Avatar, and the color was incredible and vibrant. I love that the television is HDMI compatible, and it has not one, but two connectors. We can watch a DVD from our DVD player, or a Blu Ray through our gaming system without having to juggle a bunch of cords, or unplug one thing to plug in another. The sound quality is also impressive. We did add a surround system to further enhance our movie and gaming experiences, but this tv on it's own has a nice, clean sound quality. I don't really have anything bad to say about the Samsung 46" LED TV. We've had it for about a year now, and we have no regrets. It's a very reasonably priced television that offers far more quality than it's price tag shows.



Samsung 46" LED 1080p HDTV - UN46EH5000

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