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Samsung 42 in. Plasma TV

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Great TV


I did a lot of researching and comparing different LCD and LED tvs I have had this television for 6 months. Great color and great picture. I like that it has multiple hdmi inputs for my different video games, computer, and dvd player. i was a little hesitant at first to buy plasma from all the horror stories about screen burn and short useful life. I have been nothing but impressed with this television. the problems with plasma televisions are a thing of the past. Although they are an older television technology they still put out some of the best picture around. The difference between 720p on a plasma and 1080p on an LCD is very small. Compared to my other lcd television there is no comparison on picture quality. the blacks on my plasma are much darker and the picture seems to be more clear than the lcd television. overall i would recommend the samsung brand in any television you get, they are putting out some of the best tv's out right now. very happy with my purchase.

Boise, ID


Great tv for the price


I have had my tv for a few months now and love it!  Its very clear and blu ray movies look amazing!  The color and the picture quality looks great.  The price was really good as well. the sound is good doesn't go as loud.  also sometimes the picture gets some lines in the screen but only lasts for few seconds so its not that bad.  but a very good tv for the price. 

South Jordan, UT


Great Value for the Price


The Samsung PN42B450 is a terrific 42" HD Plasma.  We were in the market for a new television last summer, and with a bit of research determined that 40-42 was the right size for our room.  The LCDs, while nice, were pricier.  Also, this beast is pretty heavy, so don't be carting it around too much. I know there are videophiles out there who will pick apart the high-def quality of different sets, but this is such an upgrade from our old 27" Sony Wega, that we're thrilled with what we've seen so far.  All I know is that the colors are vibrant, the picture is pretty darn clear, and live sports are fantastic on this set.  Football season can't come soon enough. All in all we'd recommend this set to the budget-conscious customer.  We bought this a year ago so you may want to look into similar models from Samsung.  Definitely check out the LCD as well, but we were happy with the Plasma Pros: Great Picture, Quality Sound.  PRICE. Cons: Some glare, Heavy

Fairfax, VA


Samsung 42 in. Plasma TV

4.3 3