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Samsung 40 in. LCD TV LN

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My TV has all it needs, except.......


My Tv could be better if it had wireless capibiliity for speakers and/or internet. Also, I wish it was easier to figure out the USB port. I would like to use it to view my home videos through my little thumb drive.. It sqays it can do it but I haven't been ablre to fgure it out yet. Something about a firmware installation is needed to read the video format, AVI. Although music plays and pics can be viewed without any problems I still haventbeen sucessful with my home videos. I have my PS3, XBox 360 and cable all plugged in to it and all 3 run sooth, look and sound great. The sound quality is exceptional with plenty of options for my games, movies etc. Picture quality is awesome! 1080p makes for a crystal clear picture. There is also plenty of options for size, and light/dark etc. Remote Control is very easy to use in day time or night time with the light up buttons. Plenty of connection types in the back. I can run anythikng to it. I would definately recommend this tv to anyone.

Los Gatos, CA


Samsung is super


We have had this tv for going on 2 yrs. It has been a great tv. We compared it to a Sony and found the picture quality and price to be better. We've had other Samsung products in the past and foud them to very good, long lasting and served teir purpose very well.

Roswell, NM


Love this TV!


We waited forever to purchase our first flat panel HD TV. We did A LOT of research and we went over and over all the pros and cons of every TV. This one won by a mile and we are so happy with it. Not only is is a nice name brand, but it looks great, it is easy to use and the picture is incredible. The picture quality is so clear and the refresh rate is fast too. We waited to watch Avatar at home until we got this TV and it was just like being in the theatre. We did hear mild complaints about sound since the speakers are in the back and that you would need surround sound, but this went in our bedroom so we didn't want to use it so we didn't wake our kids up at night, but we have zero issues. We can hear it great and we've never had a problem. The one tiny thing that bugs us is the start up sound. It is a short musical jingle that we cannot turn off, change to something else or turn the volume down. It is worht living with though to have this TV!

Canton, MI


It Doesn't Get Much Better


Purchased this bad boy coming up on nearly two years ago.  I've yet to watch a blu-ray on it (lack of blu-ray player), but I'm sure it'd look so real that your brain would light on fire.  Before this upgrade, I had a 24" tube TV that was in dire need of being retired.  Boy, did I retire it in a big way. I'm a huge NBA fan, so being able to finally watch these games in high def the last year or so has been awesome.  I've got a lot of compliments on the TV from friends and family -- many usually ask for advice on what tv to upgrade since I've got a decent setup. Samsung has consistently been rated atop the charts for LCD flat screen TVs.  The only manufacturer that even rivals Samsung is Sony.  Which makes sense... because for those that do not know, Sony actually manufactures Samsung's LCD screens and has for a few years now.  The plus side to Samsung, is that they're usually a good 5-15% cheaper than Sony for the same quality LCD screen.

Berkeley, CA


Great HDTV, awesome quality & value!


I had my eye on this television for awhile and when I was finally able to purchase it, I was so pleased. This Samsung 40 inch HDTV is perfect for my living room. It has lots of inputs for all of your high definition desires. It features 1080p (hull HD) and 5ms response time which delivers a smooth, crisp picture. One of my favorite features is the amazing contrast: 30,000! The pictures are so sharp and vivid, it even enhances my dvds. My son plays video games on it and says it's amazing. I also have my fios and home theater connected to it for a truly amazing visual/audio experience. I highly recommend this HDTV.

Aventura, FL


Samsung 40 in. LCD TV LN

4.8 5