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Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

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Amazing, even compared to the C550!


I got a great deal on this television in January '10, and it has been nothing but a pleasure since the moment I hooked it up. The color quality is outstanding and coupled with a Blu-ray player the images are supurb. With the advent of the C550, there is a good chance you will be reading this review wondering the difference, so I will lay it out for you. Like the C550, the B550 is only 60hz. Samsung's TV's don't hit 120hz until the 600-series models. That being said, I have never once been watching this TV and found myself wishing I'd bought a 120hz. This may be different if you plan to watch a lot of fast-paced sports or are a high-end gamer, but watching speedy action films on Blu Ray hasn't given me any issues thus far. When the C550 came out I did a bit of research to find the difference and have, thus far, only found one major one: The C550 can stream video through USB, where the B550 cannot. So if you want to hook a hard drive directly to your TV to stream video files, do not buy the B550. However, if that does not matter to you, I would advise saving a bit of money by picking up this wonderful "out of date" model!

Mcminnville, OR


Amazing TV, buy it!


After years of searching for a new HDTV and waiting patiently for the price to drop into the price range I was comfortable with, I finally settled on this TV.  40" was the perfect size for my room and could easily be adapted into a living room TV if I needed it to be. 1080p looks great and all the TV shows, movies, and video games look amazing on this set.  Apart from the great colors and easy to view from anywhere in the room visibility, I have had no problems whatsoever with this TV. I had a lot of qualms about such a big ticket item since every tv manufacturer seemed to have a least a few negative reviews complaining either about the quality or durability.  But Samsung seemed to have the least negative reviews regarding quality and also close to no negative reviews regarding durability.  It's been two years now and so far, I have had no problems at all. The design is very simple, yet sleek and looks great in any room!

San Francisco, CA


The Samsung 40" is simply AMAZING!


I had been eyeing upgrading to an HDTV of some sort for about three years. I had been researching and dreaming about it for the whole time. Samsung was always on the top of my list, and when they came out with this model, which has a lot of features for a comparatively reasonable price tag I finally decided to take the plunge. I couldn't have been any happier with my decision. The picture quality is awesome! I have watched blu rays on my television and it looks SO good! Even normal DVDs look super clear. The quality of video games such as the Wii and Playstation 3 is awesome as well. One thing that I like a lot is the fact that I can plug in my laptops and use the television as a second computer monitor. With just one cable, I am able to see everything that is one my computer, on my TV screen! The quality of it continues to look amazing! I have both a MAC and PC... which both connect with out a problem. My brother in law and cousin have purchased the same one after being very happy with ours! I highly recommend this!

Palmdale, CA


Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

5.0 3