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Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

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Samsung-LN40A450 40 in. HDTV LCD TV happiness


for approximately 2 years now we have owned a Samsung- LN40A450 40 in. HDTV LCD. We thought we had a nice TV before but it has been a joy in our household to have this particular TV in our house. First of all we are a fan of Samsung products, so we started shopping with the Samsung brand. Although we did comparison shop we headed right back to our first choice. Samsung-LN40A450 40in HDTV LCD TV. The TV we have in our house is very important to us since it is the main source of entertainment and news in our home.  The picture is so bright and clear that it still amazes us even after having it this long. We have it sitting on a long skinny table against the wall and it takes up very little room  We have not had one bit of trouble with it since the day we plugged it in, and sat down to watch in amzement at the colorful pictures. I can understand why Samsung is the fastest growing consumer electronics in the world. If you are looking for the best, trying the Samsung-LN40A450 40in HDTV LCD TV

Pe Ell, WA


Beautiful picture and great look!


The Samsung LN40A450 is a phenomenal television.  Samsung has done it again.  Yes, this television only has 720p, but the picture is so good that you would have a hard time discerning whether it was 720 or 1080.  The colors that this television show are so crisp.  And the blacks, which tend to be the big knock against LCD televisions, are very black and not some faded grayish tone.  The television also has two HDMI inputs along with an S-video and multiple composite and component inputs.  It will be able to handle all of your entertainment needs.  One other nice thing is that it has a PC input so that you can use this amazing television as a giant computer monitor.  This works great, especially if you have wireless internet and can link the screen to watch network television shows on line.  The only minor drawback that this television has is that the sound and speaker placement are not the best.  Samsung wanted a sleek design and therefore had to put the speakers in a not so user friendly arrangement.  However, if you do have a home theater system, this won't matter.  Just hook it up to the speakers and the problem is solved.  Enjoy!

Wheaton, IL


Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

5.0 2