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Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

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Long-lasting, quality HDTV


I have had this tv for quite a few years now and it still performs as if it were brand new. I am a big fan of samsung and think their picture quality is amazing. This tv did not and does not disappoint. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. It plays everything great (tv, blu ray, video games). I did have to mess with the factory settings because with the motion thing turned on everything looked fake and choppy. But once I tweaked the settings, I had smooth picture and was very happy. The only negative with this (and probably most hdtvs) is that the audio is not great. Perhaps they do that to get you to buy their sound systems, because it worked and I did. Along with the soundbar, this is the perfect all around hdtv. Picture Quality Beautiful, crisp, bright colors. Sound Quality Not great, kind of muffled since it seems to come from the back of the tv. Durability I have had this tv for years now, no change in picture quality or functionality




The Samsung Touch of Color has great picture at a great price!


When we (finally!) got rid of our old cathode ray television, I was expected a nicer picture, but I was (and still am) amazed at the incredible picture we get on our new Samsung Touch of Color. We chose the middle range for picture speed and, honestly, I can't tell a difference between that and the higher speed picture. Most people can't, according to the sales associate we talked to, so we went with the less expensive, but just as good option. We also purchased a blue ray player, which has made the picture even more incredible. The television is light and easy to assemble (do husbands ever utilize instructions?). It is easy to move around when we move our television cabinet. It's also much lighter than our old cathode ray, which was probably half the screen length. The color is also very high quality. I am impressed with how true-to-life and vibrant the color seems to be, but for those who are finicky, you can change hues to make it more green, yellow, etc, so you can customize it to your liking. Overall I highly recommend this tv. We are still super impressed with it.


San Diego, CA


Samsung 40 in. LCD TV

5.0 2