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Samsung 40" 1080p LED HDTV - UN40EH5000


Samsung 40" 1080p LED Full HDTV Offers All-Around Brilliance

With a screen big enough to enjoy all the action and the ability to hook up a number of devices to display movies, music or sports, the Samsung LED Full HDTV brings an entertainment power house to your living room. The 1080p resolution means full HD quality, with a 60Hz refresh rate that means consistent clarity. SRS TheaterSound rounds out the package. This flat-screen beauty is compatible with gaming systems, cable boxes, computers and more, giving you a range of entertainment at your fingertips.

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Best replacement


My old tv had started smoking one day and so the time had come to get a new one. I have a Samsung phone and camera so I decided to get a Samsung tv and I'm glad I did. Picture Quality Picture quality is really good at least in my eyes. Sound Quality The sound quality is pretty good. I am kind of spoiled now because my husband bought a surround sound system with speakers and an amp so now the sound booms through the living room. Before the system came though the sound was good. I was able to turn the volume down when my kids went to bed but I was still able to hear it clearly. Durability It is very durable. Definitely more durable than my last one. I do have my tv on a lot, mostly for noise in the house. I like having it on all day. It makes me feel like there's someone else around. Design It is not the fanciest but it is nice looking. It definitely looks modern. I like though I don't need too fancy just simple. As long as it has my shows on. It is very thin which looks pretty cool.



Great TV


This TV has great quality and color. The features aren't top of the line (i.e. smart TV), but everything you need to watch TV and toggle around your favorite channels with ease. Picture Quality The quality of the picture is very clear. There are setting for you to adjust but I have rarely used them. The screen has good color, but is also adjustable. Sound Quality The sound quality is very good. During normal TV viewing we maybe have the volume up to 14 depending on the programming. When our son is asleep we can turn it down to 2 and still hear it in a quiet and still house. The sound is very clear. Durability We have moved at least three times with this TV. While we have been very careful with it, this TV has held up very nicely. We also have a 1 year old that likes to try to touch the things he sees on the screen and we have had to issues with the screen marring. And it wipes off nicely. Design The look of this TV is very sleek. It is cased in black plastic and the base is a solid foot in the center of the TV and it is very stable. Performance Overall we really like this TV. We have recommended it to others and they have purchased it and like it as well. It has features like programming 5 favorite channels to find easier, picture in picture, HDMI hook up and much more.

Cincinnati, OH


Beautiful picture and sound


This is the best brand on the market for quality, style, durability, picture and sound. The price these days is very affordable. Picture Quality Beautiful picture; great for details in movies, television shows and sports. Much prefer watching my Packers play on this screen in the comfort of my own living room to viewing in the "frozen tundra." Must be because I'm old... Sound Quality Great sound quality from the music to the jolting noises on the football field. No need for external speakers or sound bars to enhance this feature. It is wonderful not to have to spend additional money improve upon the quality already there. Durability This television has weathered two moves, different cable connections, and continues to perform like new. Design Sleek, modern and classy, this is the perfect design for everone, young and old. What an improvement over the old, hulking monstrosities we used to be so proud of. Performance My only complaint is that it takes forever to "warm up" and turn on.....a problem from the very beginning.

Milwaukee, WI


Samsung 40" 1080p LED HDTV - UN40EH5000

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