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Samsung 32 in. LCD TV LN

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k i loved my hdtv did everything from it, used it as monitor for my pc or extended it with my other monitor. saw it when i was picking one out and was like ohhh yeah this one is the one. in long run it broke in less then 2years from my extensive use of it, still dunno what happen but the panel broke and when u take it to the repair shop they say it's part that is not fixable is the panel cause it more expensive to fix then to buy new one><  so i was out 800bucks but it makes a great paper weight now. all in all though i did keep it on everyday for 16-20hrs, if that is a good excuse for a tv to break. still i love my hdtv they rock.

Toms River, NJ


Beautiful resoultion.


When I was in the market to buy a flat screen for a small bedroom, I had tried to do all the research on specs and pricing for all the tvs out there. It was pretty tough since I wanted to buy a TV that had good resolution, good sound, and a good size. At the time, I had heard that Samsung had a good line of flat screens and the price was also good for the quality that I could get. I've owned Sonys before, but decided to take the plunge to get a Samsung instead this time. The TV so far has been projecting great sound and resolution quality. It is the perfect size for me because I didn't want a TV that dominated my whole dresser. The one negative thing that I have to say about this TV is the digitized sound quality on some connections to the cable for some channels. For example, the tv has connection problems with the abc channel. Whenever I watch shows on that channel, the sound would sometimes go off the air and sound like it was underwater which ruined my whole viewing and sound experience for that channel. I still can't figure out why it only does it for that channel, but that is the only thing I have found wrong with this tv. Overall, it projects a great picture, lots of ports, and has a beautiful sleek design.

Loma Linda, CA


Samsung 32 in. LCD TV LN

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