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Samsung 32 in. LCD TV

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I've had my Samsung LCD for 6 years! Still great@


I absolutely love my Samsung LCD TV! I have had it for six years and it still is in good shape and sounds nice. I bought my TV back in 2008 and use it this very same day. When I purchased it I got a 10 year warranty on the TV and never once had to use it yet. The TV is very satisfying. The picture is very nice and clear. I would recommend the TV to people that are big video game players because the pixels are great! The TV does have an HDMI option and also the option to turn the TV into a computer monitor. The sound on the TV is good. The volume goes pretty high and doesn't distort. One nice thing about this TV is that it swivels. You can spin the TV on the little mount that it sits on. So the TV is very easy to fit to you comfortably.The TV is very durable. The style of it is nice, it is back with the Samsung logo. When you turn the TV off and on it makes a little chiming noise. I love my TV and Samsung will be the only brand I buy. I recommend it to every one.



Excellent LCD tv at a great price!


I purchased this tv to replace a 27" tv I had in my bedroom. I did quite a bit of research & shopping around prior to making my purchase. I have been every bit as satisfied as I could be with the decision I made. Great picture, nice features, excellent sound. Samsung is one of my favorite brands in electronics. I have yet to purchase something that I wasn't happy with. If you are looking for a nice looking, clear picture tv at an outstanding purchase price, the Samsung LN32B360 is just the tv for you. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend this television. Thank you Samsung!!!

Austin, TX


Great TV with a Stunning Picture


I've owned this tv since last Christmas.  It is still working as flawless as ever.   When hooked up to a high definition receiver or playstation, the picture is amazing.  The blacks are blacks and the colors are very vibrant.  The only downside I can see with the telivision is that the outside border of the telivision is a shiny surface that collects dust very easily.  It takes constant wiping to keep the edge of the television clean and shiny.  I use the television with a mythbuntu frontend hooked up through the VGA port on the back.  I works great as a monitor for the computer and is a great way to view youtube videos.  The televison has an adequate amount of ports on the back.  The only port is doesn't have that I would desire would be s-video.  S-video isn't needed that often, but it is nice to be able to hook up older SD devices.

Dandridge, TN


Samsung 32 in. LCD TV

5.0 3