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Samsung 30" Freestanding Electric Range


This Samsung Electric Range features 3-Fan Convection, 5 Cooktop Elements, Warmer Drawer, Steam & Self Clean. Black Surface, FS 5. 7 cu ft. The Samsung range measures 25 31/32 inchD x 29 29/32 inchW x 47 1/16 inchH.

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The Control of Gas, with the Versatility of an Electric Stove


This Samsung Convection Range is a vast improvement from my old stove, which was already installed when we moved in. The range features a five element ceramic glass cooktop that is able to reach the ideal temperature in no time at all. Even better, the elements cook food extremely evenly--an important factor when one is attempting to cook something like pancakes or the like. There is also an innovative warming center that I have used multiple times since we have purchased the range to keep food warm without overcooking it. The interior of the oven is a whopping 5.9 cubic feet, enough to accommodate the largest turkey. Even better, the oven boasts a hidden heating element at the bottom, greatly reducing the potential for accidental burns or messy, baked-on spills. Clean-up is a breeze, lasting only twenty minutes with the SteamQuick option. The convection feature bakes cookies like a dream, and the built-in warming drawer is perfect for maintaining the temperature of your food, regardless of the size of your platter or dish. I definitely recommend this product for either kitchen newbies or experienced chefs. Temperature Control Excellent temperate control with both the cooktop and the oven. Heat Distribution Heat is distributed evenly when using the glass cooktop, as well as the oven itself, especially when one is using the convection feature. Durability So far, the range has performed remarkably well, even when we are attempting to cook a large meal for the family. However, my biggest concern is the various computer controls utilized by this range. I worry about the potential repair costs of replacing the computer boards that power the controls. With the warranty I purchased, I believe that I should be covered in the even that one of these pieces fails. Design The design is great. The oven interior is quite large and the cooktop offers five elements, which makes cooking with this range a joy. Ease of Cleaning Clean-up is extremely quick: with a little water, the SteamQuick option reduces clean up time to a mere twenty minutes.

Ojai, CA


Samsung range


I have this range- in white. It is easy to use, LOVE the convection feature and very easy to clean. the cooktop has 5 elements- one in the center back for warming. I switched from an old electric stove to this and it's a huge upgrade. The drawer on the bottom of the stove also has the warming feature but I have used it. It is a little hard to figure out how to use the convection oven feature. I don't have any experience with that but it doesn't really seem to cook the food 30% faster like the salesman said. I also have a little concern about the computer system. I wonder if this stove is going to last as long as other more traditional stoves and how pricey it will be to fix if that computer chip goes bad. Heat Distribution You need to use proper pots and pans for this- flat bottoms.

Silver Spring, MD


Samsung 30" Freestanding Electric Range

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