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Samsung 30" 5-Burner Electric Range


This range features a 59 cu ft oven capacity with a ceramic-coated divider for cooking multiple courses at once The convection technology provides even heat distribution for delicious results

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impressive stove and oven.


Purchased this stove & I am happy with the performance. Temperature Control As with any new appliance, you have to learn how your oven works. It didn't take long to figure it all out. The temp is accurate to the setting control, but seems to take a little longer than my previous oven. Heat Distribution The heat is evenly distributed in both the stovetop & oven. Durability This stove seems to be well built & very durable. Design It is very up to date as far as stoves go. I like everything about it, appearance included. Ease of Cleaning The edge of the stovetop does seem to collect crumbs when cleaning the stovetop, but comes up with some extra elbow grease. The oven isn't a problem to clean.





If you are looking for an awesomely performing stove with a sleek modern design. This is the stove for you! Normally I would prefer a gas oven, but that wasn't an option in our current home. For an electric range this Samsung is impressive indeed. Heats quickly, and heat is distributed well. The surface cleans easily with a product called Bar Keeper's friend. It won't scratch and is considerably cheaper than stovetop cleaners. I was a bit leery of stainless steel, thinking it would be hard to keep clean. I actually prefer it now, and have switched all my appliances over to stainless steel. It can be wiped down with a damp cloth, the wiped dry. About once a week I use a stainless steel wipe after wiping and it brings the shine right back to brand new! We have been through a handful of stoves over the years. There have been lemons, and there have been jewels. In a nutshell, if you are looking for an electric stove, this is a real gem.

Pocahontas, IL


Versatile, flexible workhorse with tons of room


Huge interior with dual temperature settings when the divider is used. Love the flat cooktop. Temperature Control Sometimes hard to maintain low enough heat on the burners. Durability Have had this stove over a year and it still looks like new! Ease of Cleaning Love the steam clean option for the oven. Only takes 20 minutes!

Granger, IN


Samsung 30" 5-Burner Electric Range

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