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Samsung 26 cu.ft. French Door Refrigerator RF263BEAEBC

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I would NEVER recommend buying this refrigerator


Very shortly after the warranty expired, the ice maker broke and had to be replaced. It had been freezing up prior to that, so we were hopeful the problem would be solved. Unfortunately, it was not. The ice maker continued to freeze up on a regular basis, taking several hours to defrost. Then the drainage line froze up and water ran into the coldcut tray, ruining food, and the bottom of the fridge, freezing into thin sheets of ice that would fly out onto the floor when the coldcut tray was pulled out. This happened multiple times. After that the drainage line became fully plugged up and required extensive work to unplug. Meanwhile, the ice maker was still freezing up every few weeks. The final straw was when the fan motor started to sound like a small toy airplane every time it ran. We purchased this fridge in Feb 2015 and finally gave up in March 2019 and got a new one. There is not a rating less than 1 star for this piece of junk!

Richmond, VA


Nice looking, but loud fridge


I love the look of the refrigerator, the freezer on the bottom, and the french doors. But, the noise level is quite high. I can hear it from the other end of the house at night when the house is all quiet. Noise Level This is my major complaint with this fridge. It was just noisy once in a while in the beginning and after one year it runs loud all the time. Interior Organization I like the moveable shelves, the ones that lift up, and the drawers. The ice maker does take up some of the door storage though. Temperature Control It seems to run a bit on the cold side, but this is better than running warm! Ease of Cleaning The shelves and inside clean easily. The only problem is that the french doors need to open 180 degrees in order to get the drawers out. This might be difficult if your fridge is up against a wall. Durability Although we've only had the fridge for about a year, it does seem to be getting louder and with more odd noises as time goes on. I am guessing these are at least somewhat related to the durability of the appliance itself. Design It is nicely designed and laid out.



Samsung 26 cu.ft. French Door Refrigerator RF263BEAEBC

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