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Samsung 1500 Watts Microwave Oven

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Great microwave, great price


I replaced my bulky, in the way, counter top microwave with this jewel. The nice black exterior, and the easy to use key pad were definately selling points. Once at home, I set to the task of installing this over the range microwave. The instructions were easy to read and follw. The installation was fairly straighforward, and should be easy for any part time handyman. The vent has three different methods of use for various applications, like if you have an external vent hood, or just want it to filter and return the air to the front of the unit. The mounting bolts were easy to position using the inclosed template, and the mounting bracket for the rear was the same. The template was straightforward, and easy to understand. It does take two people to mount this unit, it is awkward when mounting as well as heavy. Once installed it was easy to use and the 1500 watt power make cooking quick and even. I love this unit and would reccomend it to anyone.

Marion, AR


Could Not be Better!


I could not be happier with my Samsung 1500 watt Microwave! When my hubby & I were setting up house, I went to my local second-hand consignment shop to look for a microwave. I have used a lot of microwaves in my days, and I have to say I had never used one that I would have liked to own. Most of them were clunky, ugly, had confusing keypads, and took at least 10 minutes to heat a serving of lunch. I bought this one purely because I liked how it looked. Classic, sleek, modern. Stainless Steel. Not huge, or clunky. AND the keypad looked like something I could figure out. Imagine my surprise when I got this baby home and discovered that it cooked food like Right Now! Putting my lunch in this microwave for 1 minute makes it piping hot! Softening butter takes 15 seconds. Boiling water, 1.5 mintes. I was SO impressed! And I have loved it ever since. It's easy to clean too with a removable glass turntable plate. I highly recommend this microwave!

Kalona, IA


Samsung 1500 Watts Microwave Oven

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