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Samson C01U Professional Microphone

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Samson CO1U Pro Mic - Best microphone for the price


Easy to use, I used it to record Rap and Rock vocals in my in-home studio, it easily worked with any audio editor i used, which included "Sony Sound Forge" "Adobe Audition" and others. also gave great sound quality audio even at 24bit 192.000 bit it sound Superb. also can be used for podcast, or YouTube videos with relative ease. I would recommend this to Beginners and Pros alike, and at only about $80 its worth every "bit" of the money, no pun intended. Its usb 2.0 interface was simple sturdy and to the point. it offers a lot of features in settings, and are easy to be changed, and tuned to your needs. it also offers the ease of Usb 2.0 plug and play. no driver disk needed. Can be used with windows or mac. To conclude my review ill say this. By far the best microphone I've had in over 10 years of working in my home studio. and it has offered much more than most microphones have over the year in its price range.




Studio in your own house?


Lets face the reality. You have a professional recording studio miles away from your home with a high hourly price tag. On the other hand you have a chance to buy a compact but pro quality studio right for your living room. What would you go for? The easy, cheap and cost-effective way of course? Samson C01U is the perfect weapon for an easy, cheap and pro-quality way to live your dreams. It is the best gift to a musician or someone in hope to be one. Outstanding sound quality. Handy and easy to install. And much more the whole webpage will be filled with. I am a beginner in the industry and I have chosen Samson C01U condenser mic. Thinking about budget. You don't want to throw bucks per hour in a pro studio! Grab one and see it for yourself


Astoria, NY


Samson C01U is a professional


I had an audio production assignment for class and the vocal booth at school was always occupied so I decided on buying a mic instead of waiting all day to finish the project. I did some research on the net came across this device for $80. I purchased the mic from guitar center and immediately went home to test it out. I plugged it into the usb port and my computer recognized it. I used this mic with Sony Sound Forge to record vocals. On my first recording there was some popping so I created a pop filter from things laying around the house and it fixed the problem. I was blown away with the sound quality of this mic considering the price. The mic does a good job canceling out background noise. This mic most likely will not out do a high priced microphone but it's no slouch. I recorded all my vocals from home using this mic to complete my assignment and mixed them down at school to receive an A for the project. The only issues I had with the mic is the stubby tripod stand that comes with the device. I had to hold the mic the entire time during recording. I would definitely suggest buying a mic boom stand. The other issue is the software that comes with the microphone. All I can say about the software is stay your self the trouble and just don't use it. Install the drivers and use your own recording software. the bottom line is if you're looking at purchasing a mic under $100 then don't hesitate to buy the Samson C01U USB condenser Microphone. You definitely will be very happy with this product.


Westchester, IL


Very good!


This is one of the best condenser microphones out there! It is better than the snowball and the audio technical. The microphone is very clear and it does not require much to set up all it is, is a plug and play microphone, which you just plug it into your USB and it will work. The only problem sometimes is that it detects the sound of the CPU when rubbing against other wires. The microphone is priced very competitively which it for any blogger or pod caster can afford this and it is well under the professional mics for this quality, but make sure you speak from the front and not the top because it will give you better quality and it will be much louder. I can hear myself from more than 25 feet away using this mic. Whenever I talk with people I don't have to wear a headset since this mic can work from very far away and it is very good in picking up noises, and that is why you have a shock mount and filter with it.   


Pinole, CA


Samson C01U Professional Microphone

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