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Sambazon - Organic Protein Superfood Smoothie, Acai Berry and Vanilla

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Great Tasting and Great For You!


I saw this on sale at my local grocery store, so I was curious and I picked up a bottle. It tastes great, while providing muscle building benefits and the health benefits of acai berry. Better yet, it is organic too. It does not contain soy with GMO soybeans like many protein drinks on the market do.



It's a Organic Superfood Smoothie, you will love!


If it's a Super-food Smoothie you are looking for, I found another "Good for You." Organic Sambazon Protein Acai Berry + Vanilla super-food smoothie, is made with Vegan Whole Food Protein. This was one of those drinks I stumbled upon, as I was checking out the section of protein drinks. Since I really do not sit down, eat a regular meal to often. I'm usually trying to look for something "Healthy" to drink. I'm not a soda drinker, although once in awhile I do like a Sierra Mist. It's on the natural side. So here I was standing, again at Kroger checking out the section. This caught my eye, one "Sale" and two a "Coupon" was around the bottle, saying ~ pssst., go ahead and try me! So I picked up the Organic Sambazon Protein Acai Berry + Vanilla . Looked interesting, so I picked up a few, looking for something new, the deal was right. When I came home, I just had to give this my taste test. I had to double check, as I purchased a Chocolate flavored one also. Then it dawned on me, it was dark because of the Acai berries. I was expecting to see the Vanilla~ness of it. The bottle says to shake well, which I indeed did. The consistency was creamy, on the thicker side. Not thin like regular soy milk, very, very tasty I might add. Organic Sambazon Protein Acai Berry + Vannilla superfood smoothie, is smooth and creamy, size of the bottle is 10.5 oz. Did not notice at first this is a Vegan Whole Food Protein, just something nice for someone to know, if they are. Me, well my taste for meat protein has changed over the years. I'm more of seafood, and veggies kind of gal. I'm can say I am happy I picked up, Sambazon - Organic Protein Superfood Smoothie, Acai Berry and Vanilla on a whim. I have made several purchases since that day. Keep your eyes open for sales, and coupons!

Somewhere in Time, MI


Sambazon - Organic Protein Superfood Smoothie, Acai Berry and Vanilla

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