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Salton Yogurt Maker

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Make your own yogurt...


I bought this thinking I would save some money making my own yogurt. It's easy. You need milk and a "starter". You can either buy a starter packet or use some already made yogurt. You heat the milk up on the stove, then place in this container for 10-12 hours, then you refrigerate it. Finally, you can have some yogurt. It's a good product...except it take a lot of time. I'm still buying organic milk, need to buy the starter, takes some time at home heating, cooling, moving...and then the yogurt itself doesn't last long. I think its a good appliance...but just buy yogurt at the store its easier!

Hampton, VA


Salton yogurt maker is ok


My husband and I like to make our own yogurt because we like yogurt from India and soy yogurt. We have used the Salton Yogurt Maker for both. The advantages of this maker is that it is affordable, easy to clean, keeps the yogurt warm, which is good for cold environments, and relatively straightforward to use. However, it doesn't really offer much else help. You still have to boil the milk, let the temperature decrease, and then transfer it to the Salton Yogurt maker. Additionally, I have had more success making both normal yogurt and soy yogurt with a warm oven and letting the yogurt sit overnight. With our experiences, the yogurt made in the salton doesn't set very well so it is usually pretty runny. It also can be a bit tart, which some people attribute to how long you let it sit. I also don't know if the plastic container is BPA-free. Although the idea of a yogurt maker is good, I wouldn't spend my money on this one again.

Columbia, SC


Make yogurt-making a cinch


I like to make homemade yogurt since we go through so much of it in our home and I don't like the extreme amount of sugar in store brands. The Salton maker allows you to incubate your yogurt at a reliable temperature--much easier than other methods like keeping the pilot light on in your oven, or keeping it in a thermos/cooler with hot water, keeping it in a hot garage (can actually work great in the summer, but you're out of luck in the winter!), etc... I MUCH prefer the 1 quart Salton maker to other brands that have 6-8 little individual containers b/c I like to make a larger quantity and do not want all the dishes/containers to clean and hassle with. The Salton maker comes with a 1 quart container, but the great thing about it is that you can also use glass mason jars, old store-bought yogurt containers, etc...pretty much anything that will fit in the maker. Really, really pleased with this maker and love that it takes up little space in my cupboard.

Idaho Falls, ID


Salton Yogurt Maker

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