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Salton Big Chill Ice Cream Maker Model

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Works great, if you have the time


I got this ice cream maker a couple years ago. It works great, but it does make a bit of noise and I find I don't have room in my freezer to keep the container all the time. So I now only bring it out during the summer. In the winter (when I have more meats in the freezer, and have less room for extras) I get store bought ice cream if I want some. I don't have a big freezer, just the one in my fridge, so I only put the container used in the freezer when I have the room. There are TONS of recipes for homemade ice cream online, so it's just the matter of getting the ingredients. I like sugar free or light ice cream and it's been harder to come with a good home made version. But I love it for full fat ice cream...tastes SO good! This is a nice little maker, that's fairly cheap to buy, so I would recommend it for the occasional user.

Norwalk, CA


Big Chill Ice Cream maker is handy!!


This is a great machine to have on hand when you want to make a small batch of ice cream and don't want to drag out the larger machines. It has a disc that is kept frozen until use which eliminates the need for rock salt and ice. The machine came with some great recipes for homemade ice cream. It is suggested that the recipe used be made up a day in advance and placed in the refrigerator to add volume. If that is inconvenient, then prechill the mixture for approximately 20-30 minutes prior to putting it in the Big Chill. The one con I have about this machine is the noise. It is loud!! Other than that, it works well and I would recommend it as a good quality appliance to use for small batches of ice cream.

SmallTown, TX


Salton Big Chill Ice Cream Maker Model

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