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Salter Stainless Steel Body Fat Monitor and Scale

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Salter Digital Scale has an easy to read disply - no guessing #'


After too many years with spring loaded bathroom scales, our family decided to get a digital one and selected the Salter Digital Bathroom Scale. While the size and the shape of the scale were pluses in our deciding factor (large foot pad for Big Foot), the key reason we chose the Salter Digital Scale was for the extremely large display. Let's face it, we're not getting any younger and reading things from afar (5'9" and 6'2") is getting tougher.  The display on this scale is 2 inches in size so there's no guessing needed in reading your weight. The scale can be set to read weight in pounds, kilograms or even stones - so when I want to go on an instant diet, I change the setting and lose weight. If you move the scale from location to location, a quick reset is needed - just put the scale on the floor, press down on it with your foot for a moment until the display window shows "0", take the weight off. When the display clears, step on.  Because my husband travels and the airlines are very strict abou tthe weight of his bags, we check things with this scale.  He weighs himself, gets off to let the unit reset, then steps back on with his bag in hand. With the large display we can do the quick math to figure the weight of his bag. And there in lies one of the issues I have. With the spring loaded scale, you could stay on the scale, and add things to your arms and see the weight instantly.  With the Salter Didital Scale, you have to weigh yourself, step off and let the display clear, then step back up to reweigh.  It's only 5 seconds or so, but... The other thing I don't like is the overall size - while the platform is roomy (which I need) it is wider than our old unit and with a very small bathroom, takes up valuable floor space. The scale is powered by a replaceable lithium battery; size CR3032 3v. We've had our unit for over 2 years and have yet to replace the battery.  They say the scale will weigh up to 400 lbs, but we've yet to have anyone or anything that heavy on it so I can't attest to that fact.


Madison, SD


salter digital silver bathroom scale so far is the best.


I like this scale because my husband is sometimes over 350 and this scale can give him an accurate reading.  It isnt bad looking and is very accurate.  I havent had any problems with it. I had a dr. appoint and weigh my self on this scale before I left for the appointment and weighed the same at the dr. office scale.  I call that pretty good accuracy.


East Haven, CT


Salter Digital Scale is the best so far I have used


Since I have been using the Salter Digital Silver Bathroom scale I have found that is more accurate than all the others that I have ever used. I have had a problem with my weight and now that I have this scale I find that I can keep better track of the weight loss or gain.


Elkin, NC


Salter Stainless Steel Body Fat Monitor and Scale

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