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Salon Grafix Professional Shaping Hair Spray Styling Mist Extra Super Hold 1.5 oz

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Salon Grafix Professional Shaping Hair Spray - not a fan


I purchased this hair spray because it was small enough to fit into my carryon luggage for a short trip. It was such a disaster I ended up finding a drugstore and purchasing a full size bottle of something else because this was so useless. Maybe it's my hair, but it didn't hold, and it left terrible residue and flaking in my hair that looked like dandruff. I don't have dandruff. It also had a horrible smell that gave me a headache and it didn't go away. It just kept offgassing. The worst was that it did not do what it was supposed to do, it didn't hold my hair. It went immediately soft and my hair went limp. Maybe I'm a child of the 80s and expect some sort of hardness, but if it says it's supposed to maintain your hairstyle, then DO IT. Two thumbs down. Don't be swayed.


Phoenix, AZ


Salon Grafix Gives an All Day Hold without an All Day Smell


Salon Grafix Professional Shaping Hair Spray Styling Mist in Extra Super Hold is my favorite hair spray.  When my mom started using Salon Grafix I thought I would give it a try (not expecting much since I had never found a hair spray I liked) but I ended up loving it.  Overall, I am not a big hair spray user and I am very sensitive to smells so it has always been difficult for me to find a hair spray that both works well and that I cannot smell all day.  While this hairspray does have a scent when you first spray it the smell quickly goes away and it does not linger in your hair.  Salon Grafix holds your hair all day but is not stiff and does not make your hair crispy.  There is a higher level of Salon Grafix hold (there is a little number scale on the can) and I would not recommend it  as it does make your hair crisp but the extra super hold is great in that department.  This hair spray also is great  for keeping fly a ways down and overall is a wonderful hair spray!


Newville, PA


Salon Grafix Professional Shaping Hair Spray Styling Mist Extra Super Hold 1.5 oz

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