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Conditioner for Dry Hair
Salon Care
Salon Care Cholesterol Cream Conditioner

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So cheap and effective!


I will not lie, the first thing that caught my eye about this product was how cheap it was so I bought it. I have very coarse, curly, frizzy, breakage prone hair. I washed and conditioned my hair as usual, then I put a large amount on this treatment and I used a plastic bag and left it on for an hour. I then washed it off with warm water. Initially when my hair was still wet it felt hard and I was getting dissapointed. I let it dry naturally and wow! I was shocked, my hair doesn't have any freeze, is very soft, shiny, non greasy, and looks super healthy! I am planning on using this treatment once a week! So cheap and worth it!


Mission Hills, CA


Very dissappointed


I'm sort of shocked by the good review this jar of conditioner is getting because I absolutely hated it. I decided to try this product out because it was cheap and I ran out of my usual conditioner. So i'm in the shower, I wash my hair then rinse out the shampoo. Open the jar of this conditioner and sniff it. Hmm...it smells just like lotion. I put a generous amount in my hand and continue to work through my hair. It also felt like lotion, greasy and like it was just resting on top of my hair rather than "conditioning" it. So I decided to put more....still felt the same....then I put more. By then it just felt like there was too much in my hair and maybe it would start feeling better if I gave it time to just sit. So I continued with my shower and about 8 minutes later I decide to rinse it out. Bluhh it actually made my hair feel tangled and greasy instead of soft and silky. So I rinsed my hair again, just to be sure I got it all out. Well now my hair is dry and it feels crunchy and unmanageable. I brush the tangles out only to get them back again in a matter of minutes. The thing is, my hair wasn't like this before using this product so I definitley know that this so called "conditioner" is the culprit. The only pro for this is that it is cheap, but then again that probably explains why it diddn't work, so maybe it's not a pro after all. Waste of money, even though it wasn't expensive.


Mission, TX


Salon Care Cholesterol Cream Conditioner

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