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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Percision Brush-On Hair Remover

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Sally Hansen Percision Brush-On Hair Remover did not meet the promises set forth in their advertisements. The scent of the product was almost unbearable, and it did not work for fine hairs or stubborn thicker hairs. I found myself quickly searching for my tweezers!




Facial hair remover that only does half the job!


You gotta do what you've gotta do in life right? Well sometimes it includes taking care of unwanted facial hair! My genetics are made from a line of extremely hairy people, sad, funny and embarrassing but all true.  I don't have the time, money or energy to be getting my upper lip waxed once a week! It's just not possible.  And it's embarrassing to have so much black hair on my upper lip to almost be considered a Charlie Chaplin mustache.  I have used and trusted Sally Hansen facial hair remover for years. (probably at least 20 years) And as they (the Sally Hansen company) comes out with new formulas I try them all.  And this 'Precision Brush On Hair Remover' is my absolute LEAST favorite of all I've tried.  The brush does nothing except get in the way of the cream itself.  It absolutely does not help brush the cream on.  It only takes the hair off about half the time.  It says in the directions "absolutely do not let it sit for more then 8 minutes" and 10 minutes later when I remove the cream, sometimes it has removed the hair and sometimes it hasn't. So I never know if it's going to have worked.  And the negative to the product if it hasn't worked is I have to wait about 2 whole days before I can do it again to try and remove the rest of the hair it didn't remove.  If I don't wait the 2 days then I will get a chemical burn on my upper lip from not waiting long enough. (I know this from experience).  The old formulas of the Sally Hansen facial creme hair removers had oils or Vitamin E lotions to soothe the skin after you wiped off the chemical cream but this formula does not and so a lot of times I have a ton of irritation and have to find some intense moisturizing cream or lotion of my own to try and put on my lip.  Upper lip hair is a lifelong problem that I have tried for years to fix and although I really love most of the Sally Hansen Facial Creme Hair Removers, this one is worthless and a complete waste of money.  I would not recommend it and will not ever purchase this again.  I have purchased two separate containers of it and used it all thinking that maybe the first time I got it, I just had a freak of nature bad batch or something.  But I was just as disappointed the second time.  It's crap!!


San Angelo, TX


Works every time and lasts for weeks


Thanks to a hormone in balance in high-school I have been blessed with lovely little mustache,.  and though It's not as bad as some other ladies I've run across, it certainly manages to embarrass me and even draw the occassional disgusted look.  Most of the women I know who have this problem use bleach, but I wanted the whole thing GONE - so I sought out a hair removal product (aka depilatory cream).  The first thing I tried, and what I've stuck with ever since, is Sally Hansen's Brush-on Hair Remover.  All I have to do is coat the parts of my upper lip that have hair, wait about 5 or 7 minutes and then wipe it off with a damp cloth.  I can't tell you how satisfying it is to look at the cloth after I've wiped the cream off and see all those nasty little hairs it's taken away.  I never have to go back and use it again, it always does a 100% job on the first try, and I only have to use it about once a month.  It's a simple, inexpensive and painless way to get rid of my embarrassing little problem...and perhaps yours as well. 


Santa Fe, NM


Best Cream Facial Hair Remover


I have been using this product for years, and with or without the brush, Sally Hansen's facial hair remover cream is the BEST product of its' kind that I have ever used. It works very well, with very little redness or irritation. I also feel that it is priced right. I have used comparable products made by other brands, and they just do not measure up. For example, I tried Nair Facial Hair Removal cream, and was extremely dissapointed. It turned my skin bright red, and caused a horrible burning sensation that lasted for a couple days. I can use Sally Hansen's facial hair remover cream right before I walk out the door for the night, and do not have to worry about it being obvious to anyone that I have just removed facial hair. That is an excellent quality! How many times have you been ready to leave the house for the night, and then you notice you missed a little something extra while you were looking in the mirror? This product can save you! I do not recommend using it anywhere near the eye area, but other than that, it works on ALL areas of the face.


East Lansing, MI


Sally Hansen Percision Brush-On Hair Remover

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