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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine - All Shades

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Not a fan


I tried this product once and was not a huge fan. It had a strange consistency, and the color didn't last very long at all. The worst thing about it was that it had an unpleasant smell and taste. I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it, and I usually really like Sally Hansen products.



Perfect lip gloss!


Whenever I bought my Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine in Berry I paid full price... and i don't regret it. At the time I was looking for a tint of color that wasn't going to be too much yet would be subtly pretty and so with this in mind i bought this product hoping it wouldn't let me down like so many other lip glosses. I have always disliked sticky lip glosses just because it feels so awful for my lips to always be sticking together but this lip gloss although it is sticky it is a different level of sticky. Its very hard to describe it is sticky in the way that it clings to your lips but not in the way that you find your lips constantly sticking to each other, and the colors available are beautiful! In the packaging they do look a lot darker than they really are but once you put them on you lips it is the perfect blend of shine and color, without being too shiny, and it lasts you for quite a bit after you put it on. My only complaints are that it is hard to find, i wish i had bought more, and sometimes the packaging leaks if you dont close it right but otherwise it is such an awesome lipgloss i just wish i had more!

Houston, TX


Sally Hansen Natural Butter Lip Shine - All Shades

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