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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment - All Shades

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It works


I have this in the sheer pink Lip Inflation Xtreme and it adds a nice sheer pink shine to my lips. It smells pretty heavily like cinnamon and I like it but some might find it irritating. It also kind of numbs your lips and some might not like that either, but I don't mind it. It's actually a lot less intense than their old formula. Right away you can notice your lips getting a little fuller but it takes about 5 minutes to get full results. It does plump your lips quite a bit, although, if your lips are really thin, it's not going to be magic for you, but it will make them look a lot fuller. I don't wear it much since my lips are pretty full to begin with but if they were thinner I would use it a lot. Lasts about 3 hours.



Not quite a plumper


You will feel your lips tingle when you first put this on. I choose to use the clear gloss on top of my regular lipstick. Don't use it too much in one day, it tends to dry out my lips and then there is gunk on them. However, once you have a matte finish underneath, it's a great gloss!

Frederick, MD


instant plumping action!


when you apply this product it instantly makes you lips tingle, you can feel it working. it plumps your lips up and the lines in your lips disappear. it last a long time as well. the colors are great too, they are sheer but noticeable. there's no stickiness after you apply either.

La Habra, CA


Feel the tingle!


I really love this product!  First off, my lips are already full so I'm not really looking to make them bigger.  But I really like the way this product works and makes them "feel" fuller. And let's face it, lip sticks and lip glosses aren't going to really change you.  Instead they can give the appeareance that your lips are bigger with the right shade and the ingredients.  This product has ginger, cinnamon and peppermint in it.  When you put it on your lips the first time, it my be a little shocking how it makes your lips tingle. This makes your lips fill flushed and plump and may give you that pouty look.  Its not going to be huge difference.  But its the best you can get with lip gloss! It comes in several different colors.  I've seen this product at most drugstores.  The price of this lip gloss isn't too bad for the quality of it.  I really like the way it feels on my lips but be aware that you might shock that special someone if you kiss them on the lips!

West Des Moines, IA


Interesting sensations.


I found I gift pack of these on sale after Christmas at a pharmacy store. It came with three pretty shades, and I didn't even realize that they were lip "inflators" til after I got it home. When I opened the first one I noticed it was a really strong cinnamon smell, which was nice. I applied it and realized why it smelled that way. It was like I had just put cinnamon on chapped lips (no my lips weren't chapped but it felt like it). It was very tingly! Almost to the point of hurting, but it wasn't quite that bad. I'm not sure if I noticed plumper lips (my lips are already "plump" so I don't really know). The colors included were very nice. There was a dark red color, a nice light peach color, and a color in between those. They come in a long square tube container with a wand applicator. I was pleased that the gloss didn't dry out or get sticky like some glosses do. The color stayed on a while too. It's not going to last through eating or anything, but very few lip colors will do that anyway.

Mount Pleasant, SC


Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment - All Shades

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