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Anti-Aging Hand Creams
Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Hand Anti Wrinkle Firming Hand Creme

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I Love This Stuff!!!!


I just turned 35 and have noticed fine lines on my hands.. pretty devastating to realize you need a firming cream on your hands :)  So when I saw this in the store, I opted to give it a try ONLY because almost all of the Sally Hansen products I've tried have been excellent quality products with good to great results.This one is fantastic. After two weeks of use, my hands feel smoother and I swear look a little smoother too. I'm pretty skeptical about firming creams, anti-aging creams, etc. but I really love this one. The scent is very light and pleasant- not chemically or overpowering with perfumes. The cream is thick but soaks in pretty quickly without much greasiness. My hands immediately feel softer. I highly recommend.

Bedford, TX


Sally Hansen Hand Anti Wrinkle Firming Hand Creme

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