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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Hair Remover Spray-On Shower Off

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Did not work well


I got this product expecting it to be easier than Nair or Veet. It was not. It did not spray evenly like it said it would, it also did not spray enough product. The spray button broke, I did not push hard or hit it, it just broke. It took two or three sprays to remove the hair. It took significantly more time to use this product that just to use Nair or Veet. I was very disappointed by this product, certainly not worth the money. It also dried out my skin, made it feel very tight like the skin was stretched over the bone. It made my skin itchy, it did not cause it to turn red though.My skin flaked when I used this. This is not for sensitive skin. Not what you want when you have smooth skin. Effectiveness It took two or three sprays to remove the hair. It did not do what it advertised. Will not buy this product again. I say spend your money on something that will work better. Scent The smell was okay, it was not an overwhelming chemical smell.



Doesn't work!


The Sally Hansen Hair Remover spray-On Shower Off sadly didn't work on me. I sprayed it on my legs and after showering it off, there were still a lot of hair on my legs. Also, the remover didn't work well on my sensitive skin, and left some irritation on my legs. There were redness on my skin and it just didn't feel comfortable. The price was expensive too, so this is not worth it!



Works well


I saw this on the shelf thinking GREAT now i dont have to cut myself shaving! I love it! I got this product about one year ago & have used it ever since.  i have to leave it on more than three min., but i have to leave most hair removers on longer than they say. I leave it on for nearly ten minutes, then I get in the shower & use a washcloth to wipe it off & every bit of my leg hair is gone. And it doesn't come back for two weeks or so. it makes my hair grow back sparser. I think it smells just like every other depilatory on the market but it's definitely been the easiest one for me. The only thing I'd say is not true is that it doesn't spray upside down like they say it does. Also, this stuff is really slippery so be careful moving around in the shower or if you are going to put it on I'll keep using it though. I hate shaving and this is a great alternative. It works better than the run on ones out there.  

Portage, IN


no go


Sally Hansen spray on hair remover -  not cheap and does not work.  Left little red agiatated bumps - along with the hair.  Gave it away!  Use a razor.  If it looks easy and convenient, it's probably not.  If it works for you, let us know!

Lancaster, NY


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Spray-On Shower Off

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