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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Hair Remover Creme for Face with Vitamin E

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Simply The Best


I have tried many hair removal products but Sally Hansen's creme with Vitamin E seems to be the only one that works well. I get very little irritation from it and almost all hairs are removed plus you get a soothing benzocaine lotion to use after. I also would like to recommend Sally Hansen wax removal when you want the results to last longer. This is a very simple waxing as you melt it in microwave and apply it then grasp and quickly pull off. This is not very painful and you will love the results and the feel of your skin...baby soft.




Does the job


I have the notorious facial hair passed down from my Easter-European ancestors, so I'm really self-concious about making sure those dark hairs on the side of my mouth are not obvious to my friends and coworkers. I've tried waxing a couple times, but it's just too painful. Shaving it off just makes it worse. Today was the first time I've used a depilatory on my upper lip. I first did a test spot to make sure I wasn't allergic and left it on for the recommended 3 minutes. Nothing, but it didn't burn either. After waiting five minues for another try, I left it on for six minutes and it removed the hair beautifully. The conditioner feels really nice and smells good. I like that this doesn't have a strong smell like Nair. Highly recommended!


Kearney, NE


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Creme For Face with Vitamin E


I used this for years before lip waxing became availiable in our area. And the funny part is, I still purchase it for those in between times of making it to the salon. I swear by it for those last minute what seems like an emergency to you experiences. It is quick. It only takes a minute to apply it and a minute to remove it. Six or seven minutes at the most and you are out the door. I swear by this product and wouldn't use anything else. I like the ease of putting it on and taking it off and I love the results.I like the added benefit of the lotion that follows with the collagen and vitamin E in it also. This seem to me like it is putting a seal like cover over the pores. Very nuturing to the skin and does leave it soft.The application used to be kind of messy however now with the new (not quite so new any more) applicator it is much cleaner.It really removes the hair and leaves your skin soft and smooth. A+ from me!


Independence, KY


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Creme for Face Works Well!


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Creme for Face does basically exactly what it says it will do. For starters, let me say that I did not have dark or thick hair. If you do, I am sorry but this product probably won't work too well for you. I have always been just a little self conscious about the very light colored little bit of "baby fuzz" on my face, but I had also been very hesistant to use wax because a.)it would hurt and b.) I didn't want to get trapped using that over and over. Well, I finally saw this product in the drugstore and tried it. I could hardly be more pleased with the results! It was incredibly easy to use (you just sorta lightly spread it on the area and wait a few minutes, and rinse it off) and incredibly effective. this may sound weird, but I didn't even know my face could be so smooth. The only drawback is that the cream is just a little bit stinky. But with these results, I am more than happy to ignore this fact.


Haddonfield, NJ


Don't bother buying this hair remover.


The only good thing I can say about this product is that it does not stink like all the other hair remover cream products do; however, this does not do what it was designed to do. I used this for the time suggested, then later for the maximum time suggested. Neither of the two times did it remove all of my hair. It left me with little stubbles of hair, which was awful. It doesn't burn like some of the other creams, so I guess that is another pro I can add to the list. It doesn't stink nor does it burn, yet it does not remove your hair completely. I don't understand how two other people gave this product a five out of five, because it did not work for me. I have used other creams that have worked much better than this. I was hoping that this would work because all the other creams stink. If you want a hair removal cream that works I suggest you look elsewhere, because you will not find that here.  


Lockport, LA


I love it!


So I don't have dark fuzz or anything..just little tiny blonde hairs (that aren't horrible) that bug the crap out of me. I'm sure I'm just weird and am very picky about my skin..but I just can't stand hair in unwanted places. Anyways, this stuff works amazingly. It stinks but it gets the job done.


Canal Winchester, OH


If you have facial hair, this is the stuff to buy!


I have dark black hair and unfortunately have a mustache if I don't do something about it!  I had tried to use a competitor product and then tried the Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover For Face and I must say that I was so pleased with the results!  First of all, the creme does not have a strong odor like some depilatories on the market.  You also do not need and should not put it on for too long and it really removes the hair on your upper lip.  Afterwards, ou may experience some burning depending on how long you have left the product on (do not leave on for more than eight minutes) and this product comes with a soothing lotion for afterwards.  I do not recommend putting this on before a big day of people staring at you like an important meeting or a speech or if you are having pictures done since there is redness left on your upper lip sometimes from irritation to the skin.  This is a great product!  I tried this after I tried the waxing strips, which did no good. 


Carmel, IN


Sally Hansen Hair Remover Creme for Face with Vitamin E

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