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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler

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If you don't heat it up it doesnt work


As for the **Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler** I bought it because my old curler (brand unknown) broke. In order for a curler to actually curl your lashes it must be heated up. The **Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler** would heat up alright but the rubber bit fell off after only several times using it. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone who actually wants curled eyelashes.

Culver City, CA


a surprising let down from Sally


I needed a new eyelash curler and opted for the white plastic Sally Hansen curler. Unfortunetly, it was a waste of money. It was hard to get a comfortable placement and no matter what I tried, the curler pinched and pulled at my eyelashes. The handles were also uncomfortable and hurt my fingers. This product was a pain, literally, to use and did not curl my lashes well. As much as I like most Sally products, I have to say, this eyelash curler is not it. I threw it away after one week. Save your money and you little eyelashes a beating.

Somerville, MA


Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler

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