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Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener

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I love it!


I just started using this stuff, and I already notice a big difference! I've never been able to grow my nails very long without them splitting or peeling. I bought this and the Sally Hansen MegaShine top coat, and let me tell you, my nails look awesome! They're long, strong, and shiny! What more could you ask for? I even get to save money by buying the cheap nail polish colors that come in the fun colors and still get a great manicure. Try this stuff out, you won't regret it! Would highly recommend for people with brittle/problem nails. It's not a miricle cure of course, but the best by far. Great price! However the claims for this product are totally unfounded. This product did not protect my nails in the least. A simple bump results in splts and breaks even when my nails are down to the nubs, as they are now. I have always had great nails- my one vainty. I used to depend on S.H products to keep them that way. Not this one, and as a former user I am no longer going to spend money if the products don't keep their promises.

Chicago, IL


Works as long as you wear it


My nails have always been brittle and chip easily.  I have longed to have the kind of nails that don't break and look beautiful with polish.  I have spent a ton of money trying to find the best product to no avail.  This product works as long as you continually wear it.  I would put it on every day for a couple of weeks.  The biggest problem is that when it came off when I was on vacation and didn't pack this item, my nails immediately began to crap and chip, until it was is I hadn't worn it for those two weeks at all.  I guess what I take away from it is that it doesn't actually give nutrition to my nails, but instead, it forms a shield barrier when I am wearing it.  It is the best product that I have used, so I will continue to use it until I find something better.  If you are a nail biter, this product will work wonders.  If you have a thyroid or other issue that makes your nails brittle, then it won't actually make them better. 

Columbus, GA


Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener

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