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Salix Pharmaceuticals
Salix Pharmaceuticals MoviPrep

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Hope You NEVER have to drink it.


MoviPrep is supposedly the #1 prescribed colonoscopy preparation drink worldwide.  I am not sure that any colonoscopy drink will have an acceptable taste but this taste like "Sprite" gone VERY wrong.  It is supposed to be lemon flavored but I couldn't taste any lemon.  In fact, I wish I could have tasted lemon.  You drink TWO liters of this stuff over a specified time period.  The first liter went down ok.  However, the 2nd liter I had to pray to get it down and pray that it stay down.  Awful!!  With all the advances in science and technology, I would think that someone could come up with something that taste well enough to swallow??? Oh and don't plan on going anywhere the day you have to drink this stuff.  Stay very close to your restroom; because that's where you'll be for most of the day.  You'll also be on a liquid diet.  I had broth and white grape juice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  However, by time you drink 1 liter of MoviPrep you won't want any liquids or solid food because you're bloated and nauseous. Drinking this concoction made the actual procedure seem like the easy part.  You will have LOTS of flatulence *after* the procedure so make sure who ever drives you home is someone you KNOW VERY well.  LOL! I spent 1 day drinking the solution.  The next day was the procedure and recovery. All together 2 days for this procedure.  And still no answers :(



Salix Pharmaceuticals MoviPrep

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