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Salada - Green Tea with Purple Antioxidants

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One of the best tasting green tea brands


I love green tea and Salada is one of the best tasting brands that I've tried. Green tea is a good source of catechins which are reportedly good for your health. However, I like it just because it's delicious! Sometimes I grate up some fresh ginger root and add that to my green tea for a different tasty flavor. This tea is good either iced or hot. I use stevia as a sweetener to keep it low carb.

Steele, AL


Looks like Easter egg dye - tastes pretty good though.


I've only had two sodas in five days. Do not get on my nerves. OK? I thought that while I was getting healthy, I might as well go with tea sans caffeine. No reason to replace one habit with another after all. I lived in Japan and always liked the green tea. It's also a healthy tea. So, I went looking for some green tea in bags, so I could have a drink fast. The Salada Green Tea with purple antioxidants caught my eye. I read on the back and found that the purple part comes from red grapeskins. There's also Rooibos (red bush) and Hibisscus extract in there. The tea is natually decaffeinated, which I'm guessing means it just doesn't have any in there so no reason to process it. It's also 0 calories. And, it provides 30% of the daily vitamin C. With the extra purple stuff in there, the tea actually tastes sweet. I didn't add any sugar. Just heated up the water and added the tea bag. Salada makes a good flavored tea. Just a little heavy. I like Choice organic tea better, but that does cost more. Also, I have to order Choice tea online and can go to Harris Teeter and get Salada.

southern, NC


Salada - Green Tea with Purple Antioxidants

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