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Sakar-Digital Concepts
Sakar-Digital Concepts - 98379 Digital Camera

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Great Digital Camera Small price


**Digital Concepts Digital Camera is a great little camera for such a small price, bought this at a drugstore, it is equal to better brands in quality pictures, quick and easy you just point and shoot it also features Video, self timer, and continuous capture modes has playback and sleep mode features webcam mode; really love this little camera and comes with a neck strap so you don't have to tote it around in a camera case very handy and convenient and comes in red and silver case colors, also comes with an easy to read and follow manual. I recommend this camera to anyone seven years old and up as it is so easy to operate and a joy to use**

Rosamond, CA


I will never but another sakar camera in my life


The Sakar digital camera(98379) was the worst digital camera I have ever used or purchased.  Actually it was my first digital camera I bought and I thought all were the same.  I quickly found out that there are many components I need to know about when buying a camera and look for product reviews. The camera did not take good pictures and I wanted to take candid snapshots of my new baby in the house and it would not take the picture because there was not enough light. It was not anywhere near dark in the house and was not going to get any lighter.  Also it did not come with a memory card but stored the pictures in the internal memory of the camera.  That was okay but if the batteries went dead or were to low than I would lose all my pictures.   The pictures it did take were grainy, unclear, and not good quality.  I took better pictures with my cell phone and do not have to worry about losing them if my phone went dead.  I guess the saying is true, "you get what you pay for."  I only paid 20.00 for it but I thought it would work much better. I have since researched digital cameras and know what to look for when I purchase my new one. 



Sakar-Digital Concepts - 98379 Digital Camera

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