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Safeway Select
Safeway Select - Everything Flatbreads

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Better than Nabisco's version!


i had tried the Nabisco flatbreads (Tuscan and Herb) and they were pretty good but I came across Safeway's Flatbreads in the Everything version and they taste just oh so much better!! I like how these are easier to eat than Nabisco's. They are more of a cracker than a flat piece of toasted bread. They have a richer, savorier taste than the others. I like how they use more onion and garlic on the cracker and you can always see the real pieces in it. It also contains Poppy seeds, and Caraway seeds. For each 2 crackers, there are 2 g of fat, 60 calories, no sat or trans fats, 65mg of sodium, 10g of carbs, 1g of fiber and 1 g of sugar. Nabisco has everything the same except 2 g of sugar and 125mg of sodium. For the sodium reason alone, we decided to try these out (husband is on a sodium restricted diet) and I'm glad we did. They really taste great. If you add some Laughing Cow cheese, some Alouette cheese, or even some tuna or egg salad on them, they make a great snack or even a lite meal, and my husband likes to eat them with his soup.

Sherman Oaks, CA


Safeway Select - Everything Flatbreads

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