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Safeway Bright Green Dishwashing Liquid

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Bright Green Dish Soap - YUCK


I bought this soap because I have skin allergies, which make me sensitive to most dish soaps. I figured that I'd be getting a nice, effective product. What I got was a soap that doesn't irritate my skin, but DOES leave a sticky film on whatever it is used on, and also leaves its scent and a soapy taste behind. I've had a few meals ruined after washing dishes with this, and thinking that the soap was gone, only to taste it later. GROSS. I threw the bottle away before it was even 1/4 empty.

Denver, CO


Will not buy again


I bought Safeway's Bright Green Dishwasher liquid because it was the most economical product that was all natural. I have been very unhappy with the effectiveness of the product.  It leaves a film on everything and often does not clean the dishes fully.  In order for it to work, I first have to wash everything very well, in which case I really don't need the dishwasher that much anyway.  If any bits of food are left on the dishes, they either don't come off or they come off and then re-stick to another dish.  Not worth buying again.

Boulder, CO


LOVE IT-Now I can't find it!


I absolutely love this dish soap-specifically for it's scent. It's not a fake smell and it's just lovely. It cleans really well of course :0)  I think they've discontinued this product because I can't find it anywhere :( I hope they bring it back!

Bellevue, WA


Hmm....not satisfied


Bright Green Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid What should I write about this product which talks of all natural, eco-"everything", bio-degradable etc etc. ? But sadly when it comes to cleaning it is not promising. It is tough on grease but only after you add more than considerable amount of liquid. It cleans the dishes but leaves some kind of stains and marks on the dishes which never happened to me with previous brands. There is an odd smell from the dishes after they are washed. My plates stink with that smell and i had to clean them again before eating anything in it. I never trust store brands but I bought this one as it boasted of many natural and eco-friendly stuff. For once I felt very responsible towards our planet and it's environment and bought this product. It makes me sad to write something like this for a bio-degradable and eco-friendly product. I agree that we need to encourage such products but they need to better it too within their given parametres. My suggestion: please avoid this product.

Los Angeles, CA


leaves film, overly scented


I was excited to find a reasonably priced biodegradable dish soap, until I actually tried it.  Safeway's Bright Green lavender dishwashing liquid has a strong, overbearing scent, and it doesn't rinse off.  I ended up using twice as much water as usual just to get rid of the residue, and it still stinks.  I don't like smelling dish soap residue while I'm sipping my morning coffee--or having it linger on my pots and pans, affecting everything I cook.  It doesn't even really smell like lavender.  It's just awful stuff.  A good idea that didn't work out.  I am not panning this entire line of products--I love the laundry soap, probably since it is unscented, and some of the cleaning products are OK sa well, but, I digress.  Bottom line: the dish soap was a grave disappointment, and I cannot recommend it.

Lewis, CO


Safeway Bright Green Dishwashing Liquid

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