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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Swivel Bath Ring

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A Must Have for Infants


My son is sixteen months old and there isn't a time that I don't thank my mother for getting this for me. I use it every bath time. Even though it's not easy to get my son in and out, I know he's safe when I get him in there and he's playing in the water. Safety trumps ease of getting in and out in my book every time. I would rather have my son safe than not especially in the bath water. Drowning is a very common thing and this thing reduces that tremendously. However, even though it helps it also doesn't do the full job, you still need to be there. Anything can happen in a course of minutes. I started using this when my son outgrew the baby tub and the sink. In all honestly you really don't need to clean this that often because when you bathe your infant your basically washing it too. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I definitely recommend this for safety and for durability. It really does do it's job.




Safety 1st Swivel Bath Ring, not all that safe


I see the appeal with these seats. Your baby has outgrown the infant tub, but they're not stable enough to just sit in the regular bath tub alone. I was given this seat when my son was just getting to this stage of development. I was so excited thinking this would make bath time easier for me and more enjoyable for him. First off, getting him in and out of the seat was slightly cumbersome. Sure, it's an issue, but not a serious deterant. But the seat actually made it harder for me to get him washed. The way he was able to move inside of the seat almost always made it so the body part I wanted to wash was obstructed by one of the bars. And washing a baby's but while they're sitting in the seat? Forget about it. That is nearly impossible. However by far my biggest dislike and complaint about this product is the lack in quality for the suction cups on the botton of the seat. The suction cups are supposed to grip the botton of your tub so that if the baby leans one way or the other, the seat stays upright keeping your babys face and head out of the water. These were barely functioning. They never stuck tight and I always had to hold the seat to make sure my son didn't end up going face first into the water. I can also say that I don't think this was user error. I tried all different strategies for making these suction cups stick, and nothing really worked. In the end this was just one giant safety concern for us, so we stopped using it.


Cape Coral, FL


Must have for infants that aren't ready for big tub alone!


I happened to receive this product just by accident. I found it at a yard sale, and thought it looks useful. So thankful I picked up this product! It definitely is a MUST HAVE for babies that have outgrown the infant tub, but aren't quite ready for the big tub. My daughter was in the stage where she would just float away if she was alone in the big tub. I felt like only an inch of water was freezing! This is perfect for little ones who aren't quite strong enough to sit up entirely with water surrounding them, but are too heavy for the over-the-sink models. My daughter loved this and it helped her get used to the big tub! Now, she loves baths and can't wait to swim around like a fish! These allow enough room to still wash every crack and crevice of your little one and give them the freedom to play with toys and splash in the water. Highly recommended and I willd definiltely use this product in the future.


Mansfield, OH


A MUST HAVE bathtime safety accessory for all new parents!


When my infant son began to outgrow his baby bathtub, I began to research what products were out there to make transitioning to a big bath tub easier and safer for the both of us.  I carefully read up on lots of bath seats and rings and finally decided to choose the Safety 1st Swivel Bath Ring.  This has been one of the smartest "mommy" purchases I have ever made.  It is a plastic seat with safety bars and slots for your child's legs on a swivel base so that you can turn him around to face you when it's time to wash up.  It has little colored twirly toys on the front so he can play while you get him all cleaned up. The seat is well-designed and seems to be comfortable for my little one and it is SAFE because of the four large suction cups on the bottom which hold it in place in the tub.  It keeps the child in an upright position so they won't slip and fall into the tub water. When bath time's all done, we simply drain the tub and tip the seat on its side so that the water drains off it and the suction cups don't get moldy.  This is a simple yet necessary invention that I would highly recommend!


Spartanburg, SC


Love this


I love my bath ring.  I have used it for all three of my children and it has been a life saver.  It's great for the age when they are out of the baby bath, but not quite big enough for the huge tub.  My kids always thought they were ready for the big tub and wanted to walk around, but it always made me uneasy.  I like that with the bath ring they are secure.  The bath ring has four suction cups on it that attaches it to the tub.  Beware that it will not stick to textured tubs though.  Another great benefit is that it swivels around.  That makes it very useful if they want to face the other children in the tub.  One con could be that it is hard to clean your baby's bottom.  What I do to solve this problem is lean the baby up over the front of the swivel seat being steadied by my hand and then wash their bottom with my other hand.  Seems to be easy.  Always make sure you never leave your child unattended in the bathtub though.  Safety first!


Fremont, NE


Great bath seat, but too big suction cups


I have no stick strips on the bottom of our bath tub and therefore, the suction cups of this baby bath seat don't stick.  You'd need a plain bath tub bottom for this to work well, and most mothers I know have something in place so that the children' don't slip and fall as well as so the parents don't slip and fall in the tub.  The toys on the front-the spinning wheels- are pointless.  Both my boys whom I've used it for didn't even know they were toys.  They are a single color, so you can't see that they are turning, and they are boring, too.  There is a switch you can use so it doesn't swivel, I tried to use it once, but either the baby or my hand while I was washing him kept hitting the switch and disengaging it.  Overall, this bath seat works as a bath seat, but all the bells and whistles are worthless.  Oh, and you have to have pretty deep water in the tub to use this, if you want the baby to be sitting in the water at all.  And if baby likes to splash, the water needs to be even deeper so they can reach without falling out of the seat.  Basic and usable.


Seattle, WA


These are so Awesome!


We used one of these when we were babysitting for some friends' kids for the weekend.  I knew then that we had to get one for when we had our baby.  When we found a great deal on one, I was like "Score!"  These make bath time so much easier- especially if you have more than one in the tub.  As long as your little guy can sit up, you can use one of these.  It is SO much easier than messing with the big baby tub when your little one is at that in between stage.  You know, they are too big for the baby tub, but not quite big enough to be in the grown up bath tub by themselves.  Some one had told me you could just use your Bumbo seat instead of one of these.  DO NOT try that!  It is written in the Bumbo directions and is SO not safe.  The Bumbo kind of floats.  But for the same idea, you can just get one of these little bath chairs.  Baby can sit up, you can have your hands free to bathe them, they can reach all the toys.  It is a total win for everyone!


Raleigh, NC


This bath ring was very hard to use


We purchsed the Safety 1st Swivel Bath Ring after our daughter outgrew her infant tub. I was so excited with the concept of the bath ring and thought that she would really enjoy it but I was completely wrong. Well she did enjoy it as long as I was holding the ring so it wouldn't tip.The bath ring wouldn't stay suctioned to the tub which resulted in my daughter tipping over in the tub. It was so hard to give her a bath in this ring. I had to keep one hand on the ring so it wouldn't tip and then try to wash her off with the other hand, not very ideal. It was also very difficult to try and wash the parts of her that were down in the ring. I also had a hard time getting her out of the ring for two reasons: she had thick legs and everytime I tried to lift her the ring came up with her. We ended up getting rid of the bath ring and opted for an inflatable tub that suctioned to the tub with no problem and was just the right size for her to comfortably sit in. I would not waste my money on this product.


Gadsden, AL


Not made for textured tubs!


I wouldn't recommend this seat to anyone personally. Its suppose to have good suction cups on the bottom of it to give the bath ring the ability to stay upright and sturdy. This is not the case if you have any kind of texture on the bottom of your bathtub. We brought it in mind for helping with my daughter when she first started to sit up but wasn't all the way able to sit up without support. Every time she bent forward to go after a toy it would unsuction from the base of the bathtub, just about give me a heart attack. My oldest son would have to be in there every time we bathed her just to be sure that she wouldn't fall over in it. It's a nice idea but I don't believe it is very safe for a active baby. The other problem we ran into was getting her in and out. She is not fat but does have chubby legs and is a little longer then some babies for her age, we really had a tough time getting her in and out with out hurting her. It is also really hard to wash the baby when she is in it too.  


Evans, CO


Pretty Good Overall.


I had this bath ring for my daughter when she was little and we used it all the time. I did find it very convenient to have her in a safety seat so that I didn't worry about her falling over the second my back was turned. It suctioned securely to the bottom of the bathtub and I didn't have to worry about it coming undone, even with a chubby kiddo in it. It did get hard to get my daughter in and out of it as she got older and her legs got longer, we'd often be pulling her out and her legs would get stuck which was very uncomfortable for her and difficult for us parents holding onto a wet and slippery child! So while I would somewhat recommend this for younger children once they can sit up (about 6 months of age), they may quickly outgrown it depending on how tall they are. You'd probably be better of getting a bathseat that opens up instead of this one where you have to slide into and out of it.


Riverside, CA


Safety 1st Swivel Bath Ring

3.6 14