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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Vantage Point High Back Booster Seat

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Good quality


We purchased this booster seat about 6 months ago for our 3 year old. Because he was in the "inbetween" stages of height, weight, and age, we needed a booster with a 5 point harness system that could convert to a seat belt. Because of the 5 point system the prices are higher than the regular lap belt. When shopping, car seats were cheaper than a 5 point booster. Compared to the others, this one was the lower price point, but still has decent quality to it, plus it looks "good". The only draw back is that it is very "straight" and upright and it cannot be adjusted. Also, the cup holder is a bit out of reach for my child. It could be because he is small, but it doesnt seem like it is in a good place. I also dont know if it is movable to the other side. Right now its on the right, and is against the door, so between position and distance, my little guy cannot use it. Safety ratings seemed adequate as well.


Bohemia, NY


The best car seat out there!


I must say, my friend's baby girl adores this carseat. She even prefers it over her bassinet! And as for its usefulness to Mommy and Babysitter, it's got to be the most durable, useful careseat in existence! Its low price (when compared to all the other options the night Mommy bought it was what drew us to it first, but MAN, what a buy! At first, we thought it was going to be like any other carseat, but its softness, ease of toting it anywhere we need to go, its durability and wonderful little sunshade have just made it the perfect buy! I have never been more pleased with a product in my life!


Jensen Beach, FL


Needs to be Softer On the Back!!


We have had this carseat for 31/2yrs now same one and I love the color I love how wide it is and i really enjoy the 5 point harness it has.. I DONT LIKE the cup holder AT ALLL!!! and I DONT LIKE how Hard the back of the carseat is My daughter used to just cry and cry so we added extra padding


Phoenix, AZ


I love this booster seat.


I was looking for a car seat that would turn to a booster seat and found the perfect one with the Safety 1st Vantage Point Booster. It is very comfortable and my 3 year old loves it.  It has the 5 point harness which my 3 year old still uses for safety but by next year I will turn it into the regular high back. This just requires removing the straps. It has the ProTech energy absorbing foam for energy absorption. It is safe and a great value for the money. It is also very stylish. It has a removable cup holder and tray on one side that can also be switched to the other side and then a mesh net for toys or storage. It has a 2 position head rest for as your child grows and a reclining position for comfort and naps. It is very easy to clean, my son has spilt stuff on it and for the most part it wipes right off.    I just cannot say enough good things about this car seat. It is a little larger compared to some but the safety far outweighs anything else.   


Westmoreland, TN


I'm disappointed in this seat


I was so excited to get this seat because it had such good reviews yet it was three times cheaper than some of the other leading brands. As soon as we installed it I started to regret buying this cheaper version. I wish I had gone with a Britax or something. I cannot get this car seat to be tight enough to my car. It is always loose and rocks back and forth, which I don't feel is safe. It is also difficult to install in the first place. The straps are thin and get tangled really easily. It is very, very hard to pull the straps tight and I never feel like I am getting them tight enough. My 2.5 year old daughter often complains that she doesnt like this seat and that she likes her other one better (a Recaro) and I gather it is because there is not much padding under her bum in this seat. A slight annoyance, but the arm rests don't raise up on this seat and I really wish they would b/c it is difficult to get my daughter over them, especially now that I am pregnant and it's hard for me to lift my toddler into this. She can get into it herself, with much effort. If the arm rests would raise it would make our lives much easier. Overall I would not recommend this seat. I'd say just spend the extra money on a car seat with a better reputation (although I found the good reviews for this one to be misleading!)


Cincinnati, OH


The Safety 1st Vantage is a great car seat!


We have the Safety 1st Vantage car seat that we used for my son.  We liked this seat very much.  The Safety 1st Vantage car seat was easy to install in our van and I felt like it fit the seat very well.  There was not as much of a gap between the bottom of the car seat and the back of the seat of the van.  It has the latch system as well, which makes me feel safer than just using the seat belt.  The car seat cover on the Safety 1st Vantage car seat was easy to clean.  Even when there was just a small spot, I could just rub it with a baby wipe and it usually came right out.  This is a big plus for me because my kids are pretty messy and hard on their seats.  It was easy to adjust the straps and my son could easily buckle himself into his car seat, leaving me free to get everyone else in.  I didn't like the cup holder on the Safety 1st Vantage car seat.  It was forever coming off and it was just a hassle, so I ended up just taking it off and putting it away.  The chest buckle was also very easy for him to undo, which can turn into a battle of wills. Overall, I liked this seat very much and would certainly recommend it to other parents.


Dayton, OH


safety first car seats are among the best on the market


This seat is easy to transfer from car to car.  The covering comes off for easy cleaning and the heigth is adjustable.  It also has 2 cup holders in the base which is not only convenient, it is also safer than any cup holders in the car,,,,,,


New Kensington, PA


Safety first is functional an affordable.


My niece has this and it truly is safe and we couldn't beat the price. We do not have children of our own and were not sure what to buy. Someone in the store recommended this to us and we are all very happy. My niece is comfortable, the price was right, it's easy to install and uninstall, even in old cars! I have recommended it to other people and we decided to go and buy safety products for my niece in the future as well as for others who have children. Guess we will be buying items from this company for ourselves as well when our little ones come along. I have only heard of the major names but apparently Safety first is really well known and reputable, so we are going to stick with it. You get color choices, there are many products to work with, and my niece is loves that she can climb in and out herself like a big girl, it is so easy for her to do. Plus it lifts just enough so she can see everything passing her along the way. It makes for a great ride!


Quakertown, PA


Not impresses with this safety first booster seat.


This Safety first child booster seat isn't the best one that I have seen. It has a black strap attached to the booster seat its self to hold the shoulder strap down away from the neck of the child. My daughter uses this booster seat and no matter how many times we adjust the strap so that the should stap of the seat belt isn't rubbing her neck. She moves just right and that dang thing is right back up in her face. There should be a better way to keep the shoulder strap out of a childs face. A better and safer way I should say. A snap or something that would controll the seat belt from moving. Another thing that bugs me is when she is sitting in the middle of the seat with the booster seat the lap stap isn't where it should be. Yeah its called a lap strap but its not ment for the lap or is it. In this booster seat it sits just above her knees. This is the only way we can get the seat belt to work with this booster seat.


Rigby, ID


A great carseat for little passengers!!


My children use these car seats for their children, they love them easy to manuver in and out of the cars.  We always keep one at our house when we need to use it.  It is easy for me to put in our van and stays real secured when buckled in.  The grandkids feel real important when riding in the van, and I feel that they are very safe.


Melbourne, FL


Safety 1st Vantage Point High Back Booster Seat

4.3 19