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Convertible Car Seats
Safety 1st
Safety 1st Uptown Convertible Car Seat

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Bought for style


Unfortunately I do not have a large family and friend database to get recommendations from concerning baby products.  A new mom said she got an Eddie Bauer carseat and she is satisfied with it but she is disappointed that she got two separate seats (infant and toddler).  I picked this car seat based purely on style.  I have been very satisfied with it.  It is easy to install facing both rear and forward.  I definitely like the design of this chair which was the selling point to me.  I figured based on the cost and the name Safety 1st it had to be a good chair.  I tried to research the product online and did not find any reviews making one carseat significantly greater than another product.  Therefore I do not know any different product to compare this to so my opinion is great.  This carseat is functional, cushy, and easy to clean.  I would recommend this product to anyone reading this review.

Enterprise, AL


this safety first carseat surrounds baby for secure comfort


The safetyfirst uptown convertible car seat is a good find. Not only is it affordable but it also provides a comfortable secure feeling that my grandson enjoys. It surrounds him in an embracing fashion that makes him feel safe. It is designed to sit higher in the seat so he can enjoy the view  when we take him for a drive. It is well cushioned so he sits in complete comfort. This car seat will adjust to grow as he grows. The adjustable straps are easy to fasten and the fit is always just right. The removable cover makes it easy to keep clean and fresh which is very important to a baby's environments. The seat anchors safely in your carseat with your existing seatbelts. The uptown can be placed in a forward or rear facing position so it will be with your baby from infancy to toddlerhood. This makes it a great value all by itself. The price takes the value one step further. It is very affordable. It is a good find.

Silver Creek, GA


I love the uptown convertible car seat. My daughter loves it too


The Safety 1st Uptown Convertible Car Seat was the best value for my money as my daughter is tall and very skinny and I still need a seat that was safe for her but could be used in the proper facing position because she wasn't supposed to be in a forward facing car seat yet. I also like this seat because it will be the car seat that we will use until she is too big for it so I believe that it was worth the investment because we wont have to keep buying car seats as she gets bigger.

Carl Junction, MO


I think this is an excellent value to have in a car seat


I really like this car seat. It is an excellent value for the money and comfortable for my daughter. Has a cool cupholder that goes with it and this is the car seat that transported her to the hospital after she was born. Easy to adjust for the most part.

Atlanta, GA


Safety 1st Uptown Convertible Car Seat

4.5 4