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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor

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Lasted 6 uses! Bad product.


Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor is a waste of money. They are cheap though and you get what you pay for, in most cases. I learned my lesson very quickly with this product. It was horrible the whole 6 times I was able to use it. All I could hear was static and then the batteries would die CONSTANTLY. Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor has horrible sound quality. It's just static most of the time. I have no idea why! It was sitting on a table with nothing else near it. There was nothing to interfere with the signal. The next problem was the batteries dying all the time. I thought there was something wrong with the batteries I put in it so I bought different ones but still had the same problem. I'm pretty sure I spent more on batteries than I did on this product in the first place. After 6 uses the Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor died. I thought the batteries had just died again but it just refused to turn back on after I replaced the batteries. We had already ordered a new set of monitors and were waiting on their arrival, luckily. Do NOT buy the Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor. It's mostly just static, the batteries die almost instantly, and it only lasted 6 uses!



The Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor is a waste of money!


The Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor was such a waste!  Nothing but static most of the time, horribly short battery life, and on to add insult to injury, now it only comes on for about two seconds and then it dies!  I just bought the thing three months ago! 

Prattville, AL


I paid 10.00 and its worth more.


I looked at the other expensive ones, but I chose this one, and you would think I paid more than 10.00 for it. The sound comes in crystal clear and has a wide receiving range. I am extremely happy with this product.

Eastpoint, FL


Safety 1st movement monitor is not the best.


**The safety 1st movement monitor was a great monitor at first when we a=first got it it worked fantastic we could go outside while our son was sleeping and still hear the monitor.  BUt after 5 or 10 uses, the batteries started to go dead we put brand new rechargeable batteries in and it still wouldn't work no sound at all we even used the plug in feature and still wouldn't work it was like something was interfering with it. ****The Sound View Monitor features superior clarity so you can hear and see your baby's sounds from up to 600 feet away. It includes 2 channels to minimize interference and a low battery indicator. Use the belt clip so you can monitor while on the move and control the volume by the touch of the dial. This is true but it just quit working good after we had it for about a month or so I don't know what it was it's just like it went dead or something. It was just like listening to a  bunch of background noise somewhere else. **

Wagener, SC


Safety 1st Sound View Baby Monitor

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