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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Sound N' Lights Activity Walker

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Safety 1st walker, a great product for a busy-bodied baby


I am a mommy that holds my baby every time I get a chance, but for those times when I just cannot hold my little fella, I put him in his walker and he has a great time every time.  It was pretty much assembled in the box, only a couple of steps to follow and it was ready for him to use.  Its very sturdy, durable, strong.  My son is an average height for his age, but is still a little too short for his feet to touch the floor on the lowest height setting, however he is a determined little man.  He stretches himself out and he gets going, moving across the room, exercising his little muscles.  He loves the music and he is fascinated with the toys on the bar.  He also enjoys eating snacks from the snack tray.  The toys are just what he needs to learn cause and effect, and the walker for gross motor skills.  This product is not intended for use for long periods at a time, and of course like every other eight month old child, my son gets a little fussy after about twenty minutes and then its back to mommy's arms, but for a quick shower, to get dinner started, or just to allow him to play by himself for a few minutes it is a great product for a mother with a child as busy and explorative as mine! And I cannot forget that the price for the product is great, especially taking into account that I'll be using it for at least a few months, and then maybe donating it or passing it along to a friend so that another child can use it, its worth the money I paid, and more!


Miami, FL


my kids love this walker


Both of my kids have used this walker.  It is very durable.  My daughter uses it right now and she loves being in it.  I can hardly get ther out of it.  I like how the activity tray comes off so i can place food on there n she can eat it.  The only thing that i dont like abouth this walker is that you can't cahnge the batteries in it.  So once the batteries die that's it and then the kids can't listen to the music.  That I really don't like about it.  I do like that you can adjust the height of the walker for the baby.  This walker is very durable.  It has lasted out both of my kids.  My kids are a little rough with their toys so im happy that this walker has stood the test of time with them.  I do recommend this walker to others.  It is a great product.  But it is kindn of a rip off since you can't cahnge th batteries in it.  That's really th only down fall of this walker.  But other than that its a very good product.


Sandusky, OH


This walker is great for little ones wanting to get around.


When my son was six months old and crawling around, he wanted to do more than he was really able to.  I thought that he would love to try out a walker and get around the house.  I bought the **Safety 1st Sound N' Lights Activity Walker** because it was one of the least expensive walkers, as it turns out, it's inexpensive and great.  There are toys in the front for your baby to play with along with a button to push for sounds.  Overall, I am a little underwhelmed by the quality of toys; they are not very engaging or exciting.  Besides that, the only thing that I don't really like is the way the walker collapses.  Once I picked it up to move it and then put it down on the ground and the walker collapsed!  That is not very safe.  **The Scoop!** If you want a walker for the purpose of "walking", you will love it.  If you are looking for a walker/activity center, I would seek out one with more interesting toys.


Camp Lejeune, NC


Very disapppointed.. cute noises...


I bought this for my son who was above average on his height and he was still too short to actually "walk" in it. I wrote the company and they sent me the directions I knew what I was doing... it didnt have another height adjustment thats what upset me its high and its "lower" not low...


Fort Gratiot, MI


Safety 1st sound n' lights walker was wonderful !


I had my third child last year, and she has always been a very curious little person. My grandmother bought me this walker as a gift, so im not sure how much it was really. Once my daughter got in it, it seemed she never wanted to get out! She really enjoyed playing with the toys on the tray, the steering wheel the most though. What mommy liked about it, i could take her toy tray off, and she could have her snack right in her walker without even getting out! It has several height adjustments on it which was good too, cuz it grew with her. I also liked that it folds flat so that when she went to bed i could put it away, my house isnt very big so that made it nice to be able to get it out of the way.The seat comes off easily and can be washed in the washing machine too.  It was a very stirdy walker, i wouldnt like one that was too shaky or flimsy. this one seemed to work very well for all of mine, and her needs.


Dayton, OH


Great for beginning walkers without balance!


Who says walkers don't help?! This was great to allow my daughter to explore in the kitchen with me while I did chores. She could move around and see everything but she couldn't touch things, so she couldn't get into trouble. The wheels are small, and the only feet you worry about them getting are your own once the baby gets the hang of moving! It also didn't leave marks in anything she banged it against. The steering wheel has a horn button that plays songs, there's a 'captive' spinning ball rattle, a little squeaker-thing that never squeaked but she thought it felt cool, and bead-type balls on either side that she moved back and forth along their rails. The tray comes off and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The seat cloth can be machine washed. It collapses flat to store and locks with a twist of a button at the right height position. Minimal assembly. Never had to replace the batteries, but the songs would suddenly play from time to time... funny, actually. The best thing was that it is height adjustable. I adjusted it to my daughter's height so she could reach the floor and push. Then I lowered it one click and locked it. This enabled her to stand and walk by herself, but the walker caught her each time she lost her balance. I have no proof it worked or not, but she crawled late, I bought her the walker, then she walked a month after crawling. Who knows, but it was a cool, affordable gadget! Did I mention minimal assembly?


Salisbury, NC


Safety 1st Sound N' Lights Activity Walker

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