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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Sight N Sound Assurance Nursery Monitor System

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Great to take a quick peek at noisy baby!


The Safety 1st Sights and Sounds Assurance Monitor System includes a black and white video monitor. This monitor has separate controls for the video picture to be on or off, and then another switch to have the volume on or off. You can use both together or independently. Sound and video on, or just one or the other on or off. Very convenient. There are also dials on the back to control channel 1 or 2, contrast and brightness. There is another unit that plugs in via a/c that is the camera itself. It swivels so you can line it up to get the best position for the picture. This has a switch at the top for channel 1 or 2. Then there is a second receiver that picks up the sound only. This uses either a/c plug or you can use it with batteries. There are also light indicators on this receiver and/or you can use the volume control. This has a belt clip for carrying it around with ease. I have really enjoyed using, but the black and white monitor is not very clear to see the baby. I would have liked a sharper, crisper picture to view.

Cincinnati, OH


Wasn't happy


When I bought this, I was extremely excited with the idea of being able to see my daugter, first born, and hear her at the same time. I was also looking forward to being able to carry around a monitor with me inside and outside - just in case. Well, I set up the monitor and after about half an hour I got it in a spot that I could see her whole crib. After getting all the monitors set to the right frequency I was pretty happy. I went to sit down after all this, fiddling, and any of the slightest disturbance in the 'wave lengths' gave this awful feedback. It was horrible. I finally had to move the video monitor to a spot that wasn't even close to her crib. I got it situated in a spot where I could see a quater of her crib. I thought to myself, '...something is better than nothing'. It was the only spot I could have it where the picture didn't go fuzzy every few seconds. The monitors worked just fine but I ended up not using the video monitor because it was too much hassle.

Pickerington, OH


this safety 1st auto and picture baby monitor rocks


I just got this audio and picture baby monitor from safety 1st.  I got it because we have a daughter who has a dystrophy and we wanted to be able to monitor her at all times.  The picture is black and white but it shows up very clear.  The audio seems to pick up even the slightest of sounds.  I would rate this product as great.  It has been a real help to us in that we dont have to worry about weither or not she is comfortable.  We also don't have to wake her up while trying to make sure she is okay.  It can also be used pretty much anywhere in the house that you have a plug.  Its monitor is small enough that it fits on an eight inch head board without tipping.  The camera can be placed either on a bureau or it can be attached to the wall easily with screws.  We found it was easy to adjust both the camera and the monitor to maxiumize the pictures clarity.  It has been a major help to us.

Worcester, MA


Safety 1st Sight N Sound Assurance Nursery Monitor System

3.7 3