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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Safe Glow Nursery Monitor 2 Receiver Set

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can here baby breath


I received this from my best friend that had a baby 7 yrs ago!! It works great. Being a first time mom I was wanting one of those monitors that can track a baby's breathing. I looked at the ones that you attach to the baby and the ones that he would lie on. But I did not have 100 or more to spend on it at the moment. I got this one set up and was amazed at how clear I can here. i was able to place the monitor right next to him (probably not recommended) and here him breathing. That kept me calm over those crucial first couple of months and I was able to sleep better. I also now sleep with it under my pillow to here him with out it disturbing my husband to much. It really has been a life saver. It has even taken so abuse as in being dropped a lot or pulled out of the wall when it is plugged in. On one of the receivers that I use around the house something it is rattling when you shake it but it still works. The one by my bed has ended up on the floor at least once a week and it still works perfectly. When I was on maternity leave I was breast feeding him in the bed room and had the monitor on and could here you husband talking to our friends in the kitchen and could clearly make out what they were saying. Our sons bedroom is at the end of the hall and is probably 40 or 50 ft from the kitchen. The only thing wrong with it is that sometimes it can pick up to good. Maybe other monitors would to but at night I can here the dish washer but that does not muffle out him when he makes any kind of noise but it is a little harder to decipher his breathing from it.



Meh. Rather have spent a little more money and gotten a better 1


We bought this monitor for our first. It worked OK for a couple of months. Keep in mind, we didn't subject this poor little thing to harm--we treated it well. After a couple of months, we had a lot of trouble with it. The interference was horrible. I realize, with all things of this nature, interference happens. I get that, but this was was BAD. We monitor sat for our neighbors once, and their monitor worked EVERYWHERE in our apartment. No interference whatsoever. The range of this monitor was poor also, it wouldn't work outside the apartment or in the neighbors place. Keep in mind, we lived in an apartment--the neighbors front door was literally 3 feet from ours. Now, a couple of years later we are still hanging on to this poor thing using it for baby #2. The parent end (the part you have in your bedroom to listen to the baby) works when it wants to. Half the time it doesn't work. It's on, plugged in, the light turns on, but the baby is screaming in her room and we don't hear a thing over the monitor! We've had big sister come tell us a couple of times that the baby was crying. We had no idea! I wish I had spent a little more money on a nicer monitor. Don't get this one!

Denver, CO


safety 1st name says it all... inexpensive and works well


a baby monitor from safety 1st, does a lot to make you feel secure in knowing that your child is  safely sleeping . and, this also comes with the satisfaction of not needing to spend lots of money; especially in these times.  it ahving a night light is an added bonus. this equipment does not take up unnecessary space either... i have the base in my kitchen during the afternoon nap time.. and unless a person hears it, they would not notice it sitting there i have used other monitors in the past, that have had static and "noise" coming from them. that has not happened with this one for me.... also, there are times when i have heard/read  about a monitor picking up cell phone such problems like that here for me i have told other people and friends about this monitor, and have also given 1 as a baby shower gift

Omaha, NE


Safety first glow monitor works okay.


My kids love the night light part of this monitor- the soft glow is just right for quick trips to the potty in the middle of the night. The receivers work okay- sometimes they only receive a signal in certain parts of my small yard (within a very short range of my small house). I like how the lights can show how loud the signal is picking up, if my kid is just snorning I can tell, or if they are calling me it will light up more without always having to have the volume on. They do pick up other people's electronic communication fairly easily- that's my only major complaint really. I worry that other people can hear everything that happens in our house too. The buttons are a little awkward to switch channels also. Has lasted a long time though!!!

Bandon, OR


Safety 1st makes an affordable, dependable monitor.


I am a mother and have several friends who are having babies right now, so I have been trying to help educate them on where to spend their money on baby stuff and where not to. Monitors are one of those things that do not need to cost a lot. Baby superstores usually only carry the most expensive ones, so I've told my girlfriends to not put that on the registry. It is much better to go to a Super WalMart and get a Safety 1st monitor for a lot less and it is still the quality they will be looking for. Odds are, when the baby screams, you're going to hear it, even in a three story house (trust me, I know this from experience). Safety 1st makes many great products I have used with my daughter, that have made me very happy. They are nothing fancy, but are very good quality and very reliable. I am definitely a budget conscious single mom, and a very analytical person, so I definitely compare prices and features of EVERYTHING. Exhausting, but hopefully my experience helps others not wanting to work that hard! :)

Indianapolis, IN


This Safety 1st Safe Glow Baby Monitor is very cool.


I like this baby monitor because u can have one monitor in the downstairs, one in the garage (if u use it like that) & have the glowing monitor in the room where your baby sleeps. i like how the little globe glows. it gives just enough light 2 c n the room. The only problem w/ this is that sometimes when the monitor is on, u can hear sounds from other people's homes n the neighborhood & close by, but otherwise this product is wonderful!!

Norfolk, VA


Alright for using, but I got something better.


This was the first baby monitor that I owned. I liked the fact that it would glow, which could give a little light when checking on the baby. But it would glow more than I wanted it too. Sometimes going off on it's own. The receivers worked well for what they are used for, but not as great as the second one I got. I remember getting this because it was the best one for it's price out there. So this is great if you need something a little cheaper, but not too cheap. I had problems after the years with the monitors getting charged. That's why I had to get a new one, it seemed the receivers were not working well and I couldn't really hear what was going on. It also had to be placed pretty close to the baby. Which isn't great if you don't have an electrical outlet or something to stand it on by the crib. But we did use it for a few years and it provided what we needed without additional expense. So it was an ok buy, but I'm much happier with what I have now. 

Lehi, UT


Good Monitor, Like the Light Feature


We received this monitor as a gift when we had our first child. I nursed and the light was handy at night time for feedings and changings as it was a soft glow instead of a harsh light. Also, it turns itself off after a little while so you don't have to worry about the light keeping the baby awake. We still use this monitor and we love it!

Hudsonville, MI


Would not buy this monitor again!


We bought this monitor with my first child and had SO many problems.  Finally, Safety 1st was willing to replace it for us, but the replacement isn't much better.  I wish they had just given me my money back. I get SO much interference on this monitor.  Even if I just walk in front of it, the sound will go all crazy and sound very staticky.  I have woken up several times in the night to find that it had just stopped working and so I'd have to turn it off and then back on again and fiddle with the cord until I could get it working properly.  There is no point in having a monitor when it goes out in the middle of the night. The only positive thing about this is that there are two parent units.  It was nice to have one in my bedroom and another one to move around the house. Also, we never used ours with batteries.  We used the first set with batteries and we rotated between batteries and plugging it in.  When I called Safety 1st, they said that's probably why they didn't work properly.  They said I shouldn't have it plugged in when there were batteries in it?  Not sure if that's what made it go crazy, but it sounded weird to me. If I had to do it over again, I would NOT buy this monitor again.  I've already bought another brand.

Reading, PA


Good way to keep an ear on baby


When we were registering for our first child, we wanted a simple, small, inexpensive baby monitor.  Our place is small so it was going to mostly be for nighttime or naps and we didn't need anything with a million features that we'd never use.  The Safety1st SafeGlow2 Monitor was what we were looking for. It comes with two receivers.  They're small, lightwieght and have the option of running on A/C power or battery.  They also don't have a long antenna like so many monitors do, so they're comfortable to clip to a belt and carry around without getting poked in the ribs.  In addition to adjustable audio, there's visual indicators for sound - there's a series of little lights that indicate the sound level in the room where the base is located. The base is also fairly small - ours fits easily on the windowsill.  There are 2 channel options, so if you live in a crowded area like we do, you can switch channels to get clearer reception.  The base also has a nightlight feature - the push of a button causes it to glow softly, giving off enough light to see by but not so much as to wake up a sleeping baby.

Oakland Gardens, NY


Safety 1st Safe Glow Nursery Monitor 2 Receiver Set

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