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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Booster Seat

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Space-saving, portable alternative to a full-sized high chair


When I was pregnant with my twins 4 years ago, the thought of having two full-sized high chairs in our small dinette area made me squirm! We were looking for small high chairs and came across this seat. Not only was it appealing as a space-saver, but it was a great price at about half the cost of the cheapest high chairs we had seen. We also looked at the Fisher Price Space Saver, but this one was considerably less expensive - and we had to buy two! It was the right choice for us at the time. These were the only high chairs our girls used at home, and they were easy to take along with us on trips to the relatives'. The seat reclines easily and the recline mechanism locks. The height of the seat is also adjustable so they used them as boosters until very recently, when they bequeathed them to their now 9-month-old sister. The cushion, seat and tray are very easy to clean, and the straps that fasten the seat to the chair you put it on are very secure. We have never had them loosen when we didn't want them to. The feeding tray liner locks into place and is dishwasher safe, and it was a long time before my little ones were able to pull it off. When they did, I chalked it up to the determination of the child and not a design flaw. My only complaint is that I really wish this seat had a 5-point harness because all of my babies have loved to twist around in it. Why in the world it is lacking this is a mystery to me, but I will say that the lap strap is very secure and adjustable, and the seat is deep enough that I have not had any real concern of the baby falling out. Strictly because of the 5-point harness issue, I would recommend the Fisher Price seat if money is no object but, if you are shopping on a budget, I would feel totally comfortable recommending this one.


Galloway, OH


Perfect Little High Chair


This high chair is great. We have a super tiny kitchen and barely fit out own kitchen table in it. So when we were faced with putting a high chair in it, I had no idea what we were going to do. No worries though with this. It safely attaches to almost any chair. The buckle adjusts easily and makes it simple to strap baby in. The tray pops off and goes right in the dishwasher. The color is pretty neutral so it's great for our baby boy and we can save it if we have a girl . The chair wipes off easily and clean up is so easy with this. I also like how this can grow with my child. It's used as a high chair right now. But it converts into a booster seat too. It's also small enough though that we can travel with it. This makes it great for when we go to relatives houses or for family dinners. We always know he'll have a place to sit. This was easy to put together and the clean up is a snap. Great price, great product.


Warrensburg, MO


Works well for my 15 month old. Easy to clean.


I had first bought my son a hook on chair, but we needed another high chair for my niece when she came to visit.  So, we got this Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Feeding Seat.  When my niece left I continued to use this seat and left the hook on chair at my mom's house for infrequent use.  This high chair is much easier to clean and straps on to my chairs very quickly.  It has height levels which aren't very useful for me but perhaps would be a plus for someone else.  The cup holder is too small to fit the Gerber Graduates sippy cups that I have, but my son finds it fun to move food back and forth from the main tray to the cup holder.  The removable tray that fits on top was nice at first, until my son figured out how to take it off and flip's no longer in use.  Not really necessary though.  Over all I'd say it's a nice, durable high chair that easy to clean and easy to move.  No real complaints. 


Port Saint Lucie, FL


Perfect for Apartments


The Safety 1st Recline and Grow Feeding Seat is perfect for parents in apartments or who are otherwise tight on space.  By attaching to an existing chair, this seat prevents the need to use up space with a free-standing high chair.  Furthermore, it is multi-use because once your child is older, you can stop using the tray and push the chair right up to your table.  The tray fits in the dishwasher and the seat cover can easily be wiped clean.  This seat works best as a high chair (with tray) for babies up to about 18 months.  After this point, it works best to stop using the tray and push the chair up to the table.  This is because this feeding seat is a bit more compact and can get to tight for a child over 18 months to use the tray.  We didn't find this to be a problem though because our son was ready to eat at the table at this point anyway.  The only other negative is that the tray is noticeably smaller than stand-along high chairs.  But again, this wasn't really a problem for us.


League City, TX


Good booster/high chair for small space


We needed a feeding chair for our baby but really didn't want another baby item to crowd our small dining area. So we picked out this chair from Kohls. Read some reviews on it and decided it might work well for us. After receiving the chair, I assembled it with not much problem. The biggest issue was trying to put the darn back cushion on. The 2 slits on the back of the chair were almost too small for the flaps. But other than that, no concerns. The seat reclines in 3 positions and the tray is also adjustable to 3 positions. It has 2 straps. 1 to secure the seat to the back of your dining chair and 1 to secure to the bottom of your dining chair. I actually think this seat is very well made for the price. The slide table comes with a removable tray. It is pretty useful for when your baby turns into toddler and decides to smear all kinds of food on the tray. You can lift it up and wash it on the sink and put it back. Amazingly enough, even with the removable tray there will be food stuff migrating underneath it... I still haven't figured that one out. The seat itself comes with a seatbelt. But DO NOT ever leave your baby in the seat WITHOUT your table tray secured. Your baby might topple forward without the table tray. Other than that, we've been using this product for over 10 months now and loving it.


Parma, MI


My child grew out of it by 8 months...


This seat worked well for my daughter when she first started eating solid foods.  My daughter just couldn't fit well into it by 8 months though.  We've had to give it up and purchase a regular sized high chair.  Granted, my daughter was 20 lbs at 9 months, but if this chair is designed to go into toddlerhood, it should be able to handle the thighs of a 20 pounder.  For us, it was supremely useful for 4 months.  Then we had to purchase a new, bigger high chair.  I'm not sure I would recommend something that is only useful for four months when it's branded as "growing with your child". 


Frankenmuth, MI


Love Everything About it!


I love everything about this high chair.  Its perfect in everyway.  Lets start with the look of it.  It is very contemporary and that is why I choose it.  I love the look of it. It is so easy to clean and so easy to take apart to clean it. You can take the plastic covered cushion off the back.  I have found nothing that stains the white tray.  Not pizza, strawberries, blackberries, or anything else. We don't use the plastic tray on top of the white tray.  We did but our little one always takes it off.  I love how the tray has a cup holder.  It has a nice size to it.  You could stick a plate on there if you want. I like how low or high you can make this with the adjustable heights.  You can use this as a high chair or get rid of the tray and put the seat up to the table.  The seat also reclines which is really great.  It is easy to adjust everything and clean everything.  I would suggest this high chair to anyone and everyone who will listen. 


Columbus, OH


great highchair for baby to toddler


We had been using another high chair for a while but eventually my son grew out of it so i wanted to find one that would work for us as myst use son got older but was not yet big enough to sit at the table. so i did my research and found the safety 1st recline and grow was the best high chair/booster seat for us. we paid around 21.99 for it at marshalls. the recline and grow has 5 different settings on it. the back reclines and can be positioned 4 different angles as the child grows and then the back can come off if you want to use it as a booster for a toddler. it comes with a detachable tray with a snap on plate that can be removed and put in the dishwasher which is nice because its a lot easier than trying to wash the entire tray. it comes with lap harness so they don't fall out. also the height can be adjusted so you can match it to the height of your table. the tray has a cupholder in is as well. One thing i don't like about it is that it doesn't fit our chiar very well and comes a little loose. over all I really like it and so does my son.


Republic, MO


Compact and Ready to Be Used


When our son was born, my husband and I were blown away with all of the high chair options. Of course we went out and purchased a large high chair for our little boy. Granted he was 2 months old, but you can't be underprepared, right? By the time he was a year old, we realized that this highchair just wasn't working. We were in a small apartment and had to work around this behemouth of a chair. It's not exactly the imagry you want to see. Just six months later when we found out we were going to have another baby, we knew we had to do two things: 1) Find a new highchair solution2) Move to a larger house Fortunately for us, finding a new highchair was easier than we thought! **The Chair** The chair itself is easy to picture - it's a chair with a cushion on the back, a tray and a snack cover and a back that reclines to fit whatever your needs. It seems easy enough, right? That's because it it. **Real Uses** We have put our "Safety First Recline and Grow 5 Stage Feeding Seat" chairs to the max. It fit our son so well that we purchased a new one for our daughter when she was ready to move to a high chair. It's survived a lot of things - many roadtrips and spaghetti nights included. It keeps on astounding us. **The Pros** For one, this chair actually grows with your child. Our son started using it when he was 18 months old and he is still using the same chair now that he is four. He no longer uses the tray, but he climbs in and out of it just find. Another is that it's easy to use with one hand. This is really key. Not many people think this is important. I can do it with one hand while nursing a child with the other. Nothing could be easier. My favorite feature? It's WASHABLE! As in - put it in the dishwasher and let it go to down. Nothing makes my heart happier!  Connecting it to a chair really is simple. You can take it with you on a trip and easily adjust it to sit on any chair. **The Ifs** I should note that some elements of this chair are neither good nor bad. For example, the snack tray is a nice addition but pretty worthless to your everyday meal. Another is that while the product itself stands up to a lot, the "pretty" factor doesn't. My son broke off the back cushion after about a year, and the wording came off the edge of the tray within 18 months. Take it or leave it, it's the truth. **The Bad** I hate to say that this chair is bad,'s cheap. Although I love this chair, it does look and feel cheap. The plastic can stain easily, though the stain often is gone by the next week. Another big one for me is that it's hard to just wash in the sink. I take it outside to hose it down. Considering how clean I like my house, that's not very much fun in the middle of winter. **Overall** Though it has it's faults, I would buy this chair again. If can stand up to my son for more than two years, it can hold up to anything!


Olathe, KS


Nice at when they are infants,not when they are 14 months!


This is a review for the Safety 1st Recline and Grow,  5 Stages highchair/booster seat, This WAS nice at first. You know when they cant walk and pull themselves out of things. I hate it. I dont know how many times my daughter has gotten the seat belt off and fallen out of this chair. It was not made very well. It shouldnt be sold anymore. The peice that connects the tray to the chair always pops out of place, then making the tray and food hit the floor. All the easier for her to get the seat belt off and for her to climb onto the table and fall onto the floor as well. I doubt im the only one who got one that wasnt made right so why hasnt this been RECALLED yet. Very unsafe in my opinion. I would not recommend for anyone over 1 year.There are some nice things about it if it werent such a hazard. It reclines which is nice for the young babies that cant hole their heads up,and it also raises in height for the older kids. I know my child is not the only one smarted than this chair or company.


Omaha, NE


Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Booster Seat

3.9 11