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Safety 1st
Safety 1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise

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Safety First Potty Chair is easy to use and fun for little ones!


I recently purchased this potty to start introducing the idea of potty training to my 18 month old twin girls. It is very easy to put together and only requires 3AA batteries. I decided to not turn on the sound for them yet as we aren't actively going to start potty training until we finish our move overseas this month. Even without the sound, this potty it wonderful! It is super easy to sit on and I like that it doesn't have a protruding splash guard that could possible injure little bottoms. My girls love that it flushes like a big potty and the sticker reel is awesome! This potty came with two sticker charts for tracking progress which is awesome since we would need one for each girl. This potty is a little smaller than the baby bjorn one, but my girls are in the 99th percentile and it is still big enough for them and compact enough to fit in our small bathroom. I tested the sensor and just one drop of water set off the "good job" song which is great! The songs are a little annoying, but it's for kids enjoyment, not mine! Overall, I love this purchase and will be ordering another one for the front bathroom in less than a month!


Lacey, WA


Cute potty, but a major distraction!


We were having a very difficult time getting our daughter interested in potty training and I thought this chair would be a big help - I WAS WRONG!  She did eventually learn to use this cute little potty, and she loved having her very own potty chair...but we had to disable all of the "extras".  The sensors are suppose to activate music/lights and congratulate the child when they actually pee or poop in the potty, but they were always going off while my daughter was just sitting there and occassionally even when we weren't even in the bathroom.  It was very odd!  The flush lever on the side is suppose to make it more realistic, but it was a major distraction.  My daughter was more concerned about pushing that lever than she was about actually using the potty.  So while she's busy twisting around on the potty to play with the lever, she frequently caused accidents outside of the actual potty bowl.  There is a dispenser for rewards stickers, but my daughter quickly figured out that you could make the stickers come out regardless of whether you used the potty or not.  So finally we just took the batteries out and removed all of the stickers.  My daughter still used the chair after that, but without all of the silly distractions.  Success...but without all of the extras!  We should have just bought the plain cheap plastic potty from Walmart.


Saint Peters, MO


Love, Love, Love!!


This**Safety 1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise is awesome, and I attribute my child's learning to use the potty so quickly to this wonderful asset!!  I love everything about it - the stickers come out the side of the potty and can be put on a helpful potty chart which keeps track of how many times your little one has gone potty (this sticker chart is included with the purchase).  It's great for your little one to see his progress.  The**Safety 1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise also talks to your little one, and is able to sense if the child went potty in the chair, then congratulates the child with a little song.  It then prompts your child to "flush the potty" "wash your hands" and "get a sticker" for their chart.  My little one loves how being "big" and doing all these things on his own.  I totally recommend **Safety 1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise, it was such a life saver for me during potty training! ******


emmacreek, KS


Highly recommend the Safety1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise


We bought the Safety 1st Potty with Flushing Noises as a second training potty.  I was tired of carrying a potty up and down the stairs every time we switched floors.  We found this potty and liked the fact that it had the features of a "big people" potty.  We got home that night and set it up for my 15 month old, lord you would have thought it was the greatest toy in the world. We no sooner set it up and she had to pee.  Well, all the sudden it starts singing to her as the pee is hitting the target at the bottom of the bowl, oh the smile.  When the song finishes it says what a good job they have done and now it's time to flush and wash your hands. I really loved the fact that it came with a progression chart & stickers to place on the chart.  I was one of very few mothers I know who did not use M&M's as rewards for going potty. I have since passed this potty onto my neighbor to use for her daughter, who is finally making progress after months of trying.


Gastonia, NC


Typical of Safety First, Excellent product matched with price


Well, I had been looking for the perfect potty seat for some time, both online and in stores. While not wanting to sacrifice fun features that could encourage training, I did not want to pay the extreme price as seen on other seats like Fisher Price, which had a flushing noise I felt was important. I saw this model and snatched immediately. The price was oh so perfect, as well as the features with this potty seat. Not only is there a handle with a flushing sound, but you can actually record your very own encouraging message to your child that is played after the flushing noise. Can also convert to adult toilet as child grows. TRUE WINNER!!!!!!


Atlanta, GA


Safety 1st Potty Chair with Flushing Noise

4.6 5